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   Module Overview, Overview
   Module Overview, In Store, Delivery, or Collection
   Module Overview, Look Up
   Module Overview, Parent Category Buttons
   Module Overview, Message Bar
   Module Overview, Categories
   Module Overview, Order Directly to a Table
   Module Overview, Input Number of Covers
   Module Overview, Assign a Customer
   Module Overview, Basket Groups
   Module Overview, Split Icon
   Module Overview, Show Taxes
   Module Overview, Barcode Scanner
   Module Overview, Custom Fields
   Module Overview, Order Details
   Module Overview, Item Selection Field
   Module Overview, Send Order
   Module Overview, Holding and Cancelling
   Module Overview, Held Orders
   Module Overview, Add Charges
   Module Overview, Orders
   Module Overview, Quick Cash and Quick Card
   Module Overview, Promotions
   Module Overview, Pay
   Module Overview, Message
   Module Overview, Calculator
   Module Overview, Pay In / Out
   Module Overview, Remove Payments
   Module Overview, Checkout
   Look Up, Look Up
   Promotion, Add Promotion by Code
   Promotion, Add Promotion by Barcode
   Promotion, Add Promotion from List
   Promotion, View Promotions
   Message, Send Sale Message
   Line Item Options, Quantity
   Line Item Options, Price
   Line Item Options, Discount
   Line Item Options, Line Note
   Line Item Options, NO, LITE, EXTRA, and SIDE
   Line Item Options, Modifier
   Line Item Options, Commission
   Line Item Options, Tax
   Line Item Options, Delete an Item
   Pay , Card
   Pay , Cash
   Pay , Tip
   Pay , Tax
   Pay , Donation
   Pay , Discount
   Pay , Split Bill
   Pay , Service Charge
   Pay , Gift Card
   Pay , On Account
   Pay , Cheque
   Pay , Loyalty Point
   Pay , Loyalty Punch

   Module Overview, Overview
   Module Overview, Adding Customers
   Module Overview, Print Customer Lists and Information
   Module Overview, Timeline
   Module Overview, Search for Customers
   Module Overview, Filter Customers
   Module Overview, Sort Customers
   Module Overview, Loyalty
   Module Overview, Gift Cards
   Module Overview, Memos
   Module Overview, Orders
   Module Overview, Account Activity
   Module Overview, Contact
   New Customer (Individual), New Customer (Basic)
   New Customer (Individual), Customer Profile
   New Customer (Individual), Contact Details
   New Customer (Individual), Tax Exemption
   New Customer (Individual), Social Media
   New Customer (Individual), Other Options
   New Customer (Individual), Custom Fields
   New Customer (Business), New Customer (Basic)
   New Customer (Business), Customer Profile
   New Customer (Business), Contact Details
   New Customer (Business), Tax Exemption
   New Customer (Business), Social Media
   New Customer (Business), Other Options
   New Customer (Business), Custom Fields
   Edit / Delete Customers, Editing and Deleting Customers
   Loyalty , Loyalty Program
   Loyalty , Punch Cards
   Gift Cards, Gift Cards
   Memos, New Memo
   Memos, New Memo (General)
   Memos, New Memo (Email)
   Memos, New Memo (Post)
   Memos, New Memo (Phone)
   Memos, New Memo (SMS)
   Memos, New Memo (Other)
   Memos, Custom Fields
   Memos, View Memos and Communications
   Memos, Edit and Delete Memos
   Memos, Memo Search and Filter
   Orders, Orders
   Account Activity, Account Activity
   Contact, Contact a Customer

   Module Overview, Overview
   Module Overview, Calendar
   Module Overview, Low Stock List
   Module Overview, New Purchase Order
   Module Overview, Print Preview Buttons
   Module Overview, Invoice & Payment
   Module Overview, Refund
   Module Overview, Memos
   Module Overview, Contact
   Module Overview, Return Inventory
   Module Overview, Receive Inventory
   Module Overview, Duplicate Purchase
   Module Overview, Void Purchase
   Calendar, Calendar Reminder
   Calendar, Payment Overdue
   Calendar, Delivery Overdue
   Low Stock List, Low Stock List
   Low Stock List, Items
   Low Stock List, Last Purchase Details
   Low Stock List, Available Number of Items
   Low Stock List, Reorder Alert Point
   Low Stock List, Quantity to Purchase
   Low Stock List, Quantity on Order
   Low Stock List, Open as Purchase Order
   New Purchase Order, Single Supplier
   New Purchase Order, Multi Supplier
   New Purchase Order, Independent Supplier
   Invoice & Payment, Invoice & Payment
   Invoice & Payment, One-Off Payment
   Invoice & Payment, Part Payments
   Invoice & Payment, Invoice Only
   Refund, Refund
   Refund, Invoice #
   Refund, Performed Time and Date
   Refund, Amount and Refund to
   Refund, Reference
   Refund, Summary
   Receive Inventory, Receive Inventory
   Receive Inventory, Ordered, Received and Due Quantities
   Receive Inventory, Receiving Quantity
   Receive Inventory, Note
   Receive Inventory, Receive All
   Return Inventory, Return Inventory
   Return Inventory, Ordered and Received Quantities
   Return Inventory, Returning Quantity
   Return Inventory, Note
   Memos, New Memo
   Memos, New Memo (General)
   Memos, New Memo (Email)
   Memos, New Memo (Post)
   Memos, New Memo (Phone)
   Memos, New Memo (SMS)
   Memos, New Memo (Other)
   Memos, Custom Fields
   Memos, View Memos and Communications
   Memos, Edit and Delete Memos
   Memos, Memo Search and Filter
   Contact, Contact Supplier Regarding Purchase

   Module Overview, Overview
   Module Overview, Categories
   Module Overview, Items
   Module Overview, Inventory Transfer
   Module Overview, Stocktake
   Module Overview, Inventory Balance
   Module Overview, Inventory Adjustment
   Module Overview, Inventory Waste
   Module Overview, Item Stock Activity
   New Category, New Category (Basic)
   New Category, New Category (Advanced)
   New Product , New Product (Basic)
   New Product , Item Details
   New Product , Units of Measure
   New Product , Pricing
   New Product , Modifiers
   New Product , Commission
   New Product , Shipping
   New Product , Ingredients, Materials & Costs
   New Product , Stock & Location
   New Product , Availability
   New Product , Printing & Product Catalogue
   New Product , Tags & Keywords
   New Product , Brand & Origin
   New Product , Tax
   New Product , Attributes
   New Product , Other Options
   New Product , Languages
   New Product , Custom Fields
   New Matrix, Matrix Details
   New Matrix, Matrix Attributes and Values
   New Matrix, Selling a Single Item in Separate Units
   New Package, New Package (Basic)
   New Package, Item Details
   New Package, Package Items
   New Package, Units of Measure
   New Package, Pricing
   New Package, Modifiers
   New Package, Commission
   New Package, Shipping
   New Package, Ingredients, Materials & Costs
   New Package, Stock & Location
   New Package, Availability
   New Package, Printing & Product Catalogue
   New Package, Tags & Keywords
   New Package, Tax
   New Package, Attributes
   New Package, Other Options
   New Package, Languages
   New Package, Custom Fields
   New Service, New Service (Basic)
   New Service, Item Details
   New Service, Units of Measure
   New Service, Pricing
   New Service, Modifiers
   New Service, Commission
   New Service, Ingredients, Materials & Costs
   New Service, Stock & Location
   New Service, Availability
   New Service, Printing & Product Catalogue
   New Service, Tags & Keywords
   New Service, Tax
   New Service, Attributes
   New Service, Other Options
   New Service, Langauges
   New Service, Custom Fields
   Edit and Delete Inventory, Edit & Delete Categories
   Edit and Delete Inventory, Edit & Delete Items
   Inventory Transfer, New Location Inventory Transfer
   Inventory Transfer, New Branch Inventory Transfer
   Inventory Transfer, View Inventory Transfers
   Stocktake, New Stocktake
   Stocktake, View Stocktakes
   Manually Adjusting Inventory, Inventory Adjustment
   Manually Adjusting Inventory, Inventory Waste
   Manually Adjusting Inventory, Package Adjustment
   Item Stock Activity, Item Stock Activity
   Recover Deleted Categories and Items, Recover Categories
   Recover Deleted Categories and Items, Recover Items

   Module Overview, Overview
   Module Overview, Staff Target
   Module Overview, Staff List
   Module Overview, Timesheet
   Module Overview, Messages
   Module Overview, Clocked In / Out
   Staff Target, Staff Target
   Staff Target, Staff Target Details
   Staff Target, Main Rules
   Staff Target, Staff
   Staff List, Overview
   Staff List, Account Activity
   Staff List, Clock In / Out
   New Staff, New Staff (Basic)
   New Staff, Staff Profile
   New Staff, Contact Details
   New Staff, Personal Details
   New Staff, Payroll
   New Staff, Job Status
   New Staff, Social Media
   New Staff, Emergency Contact
   New Staff, Work History
   New Staff, Documents
   New Staff, Working Time
   New Staff, Access
   New Staff, Other Options
   New Staff, Custom Fields
   Edit / Delete Staff, Editing and Deleting Staff Members
   Timesheet, Timesheet Overview
   Timesheet, Add Shifts
   Timesheet, Remove Shifts
   Timesheet, Edit Shifts
   Timesheet, Time Off
   Timesheet, Note
   Messages, Message Overview
   Messages, New Message
   Messages, Inbox
   Messages, Outbox
   Memos, New Memo
   Memos, New Memo (General)
   Memos, New Memo (Email)
   Memos, New Memo (Post)
   Memos, New Memo (Phone)
   Memos, New Memo (SMS)
   Memos, New Memo (Other)
   Memos, Custom Fields
   Memos, View Memos and Communications
   Memos, Memo Search and Filter
   Memos, Edit and Delete Memos
   Contacting Staff, Contacting a Staff Member

   Customers, Custom Fields
   Shipping, Shipping Carriers
   Shipping, Carrier Services (Basic)
   Shipping, Carrier Services (Advanced)
   Timesheet, New Staff Shift
   Currencies, New Currency
   Donations, Donations (Basic)
   Donations, Donation Information
   Donations, Donation Amount
   Donations, Campaign Settings
   Donations, Tax
   Donations, Other Options
   Devices, Printer Setup
   POS, Parent Categories
   POS, Cash Denominations
   Table Manager, Table Settings
   Table Manager, New Table Map
   Table Manager, Map Info
   Table Manager, Tables
   Table Manager, Table Number
   Table Manager, Number of Seats
   Table Manager, Size, Position, and Angle
   Table Manager, Overlay
   Table Manager, Duplicate
   Table Manager, Furnishing
   Table Manager, Room Shape
   Table Manager, Line Buttons
   Table Manager, Eraser Tool
   Table Manager, Edit and Delete Maps
   Print Templates, Create Print Templates
   Print Templates, POS Receipt Template
   Print Templates, Template Name
   Print Templates, Active Status
   Print Templates, Print Paper Size
   Print Templates, Default Template for
   Print Templates, Header, Body, Footer, and End
   Print Templates, Add an Image
   Print Templates, Add an Image Variable
   Print Templates, Add Text
   Print Templates, Add a Text Variable
   Print Templates, Customisable Lines
   Print Templates, Barcodes
   Print Templates, Object Layers
   Print Templates, Show Full Size Page
   Print Templates, Edit or Delete Templates
   Branches, New Branch
   Branches, Log into Different Branches

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