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Trends for 2020: Why iPad POS Systems About to Be Replaced

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 22 Nov, 2019

Trends for 2020: Why iPad POS Systems About to Be Replaced

You’ve probably noticed that Android and iPad point of sale systems have become hugely popular over the last few years.

Companies like Revel, Vend and Lightspeed were some of the first-generation of iPad-based POS software and introduced the idea that apps could do more than shoot angry birds into complex digital structures for destructive gratification.

Many SMEs quickly realised that they could ditch their old cash tills for sleek iPads which were capable of completing sales transactions, providing detailed order reporting, and accurately tracking inventory.

These apps proved to be useful, mobile and comparatively inexpensive to traditional POS systems. However, despite these benefits users began noticing a problem; they claimed to be able to run your entire business, but that just isn’t possible with just a POS.

Businesses needed additional apps, such accounting software like QuickBooks or a CRM system such as Zoho, and this revealed the key problem: a need to integrate.

Business apps are developed for distinct purposes, and forcing multiple pieces of software to work as one, unified system can present challenges including those related to security, performance and accountability, among others.

However, there is a solution to this problem!

Complete Business Management Platforms

New business management platforms (just like Tillpoint!) are emerging and they house their own apps, combining everything needed for a business to operate into one, complete system.

These new generation of management software include specialised apps that run or manage a specific part of a business, including the point of sale, accounting, inventory, staff timesheet and payroll, and more. Check out Tillpoint’s full range of apps.

These apps can be activated and deactivated at the touch of a button and create an interconnected ecosystem of software that operate under a single framework, providing users with a seamless management solution.

What Makes These New Platforms Different?

Some readers might be wondering what the real difference is between a platform like Tillpoint and the other aforementioned POS systems; they all claim to ’run your whole business’.

Well, a dedicated POS is a single app or software that can really only run your sales, whereas newer platforms contain a point of sale app which has the same or more features. And that’s only one of their 25+ dedicated apps!

Tillpoint, for example, is capable of managing the entirety of business activity, from processing sales transactions to creating bespoke customer promotions. You can deactivate the apps you’re not using and you’ll get access to all of them for the same price as a typical EPOS software.

The high level of customisation means you’ll get bespoke software that can be tailored to your business, whether you run a restaurant or retail store, right out of the box.

Managers and employees benefit from using a single software, which offers consistent design and functionality throughout, as opposed to lots of separate systems which require individual training.

Integrating an EPOS with an accounting software means the systems must communicate and share data, potentially leading to an increased risk in security and reduced reliability, resulting in an inaccurate account of financial information.

A single software never needs to share data with anything (or anyone) but its user.

Are These Platforms More Expensive Than iPad POS Software?

Compared to traditional point of sale setups, and even some of the newer cloud-based POS options, a platform such as Tillpoint is extremely cost-effective; you only pay for one system instead of several.

No large upfront costs and, similar to common POS systems, they run on devices most people already own, including Macs, PCs, tablets and iPads, turning these devices into powerful business tools.

Scaling up or down is made simpler in terms of both hardware and software. Add or remove POS terminals as and when required, and activate the apps you need directly on the platform, without ever having to pay for additional software!

The old legacy till systems are generally quite rudimentary in terms of functionality compared with a mobile POS, with an out-dated method of support whereby a technician would have to physically go to a store or restaurant to manually fix any problems.

Cloud-based software means issues are solved quickly and remotely, without any need for on-site assistance, further reducing any outlays you might expect with older point of sale systems.

If you’d like to try one of these new platforms, why not get started with Tillpoint! Create an account right away with a free trial - no credit card or payment information required!

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