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Boost Your SME with an iPad Till System

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 18 Apr, 2018

iPad till systems are now commonplace. You’ve no doubt seen the number of SMEs, and even some of the larger businesses, reaping their benefits - of which are multitudinous.

POS systems allow for faster transactions, intelligent reporting, and a level of accessibility never seen before.

The use of small business POS systems have exploded in nearly every industry; there has, however, been a sustained focus in retail and hospitality.

This rise in popularity is due to these iPad till systems being used for more than just a point of sale; newer, more sophisticated POS systems for small businesses typically have some form of inventory management.

Another benefit of using an iPad-based POS system for your small business is cloud technology.

All of your data, including customer, employee, and inventory, is saved on a server, limiting the loss of any important information.

Every SME can benefit from using a sophisticated small business POS, just make sure you consider an application that’s scalable, one that can grow with your business.

Accessible Inventory Management

iPad Till Inventory Management

With the majority of current iPad till systems you can view your inventory, in real-time, from anywhere in the world. This level of accessibility allows you to run a business based in London from any location, perhaps the Bahamas, provided you have an internet connection.

A great deal of trust must be given to an application to do this, so choose the POS system for your small business wisely.

Many iPad till systems are limited in their functionality, with a high number being simple, one page application, only capable of processing payments, possibly with a crude product catalogue; no where near advanced enough to run an entire business from a remote location.

With a proficient small business POS systems you can order new stock, see your best selling items and overall purchasing trends - giving you the ability to tailor your shop to your customers, having better, more targeted options for them, all the while increasing sales. POS systems for small business keep both you and your customers happy.

Lowering Costs with an iPad Till System

How Much Can You Save Cartoon Style

Before small businesses adopted cloud-based POS systems, clunky cash registers, combined with a basic user-interface, were used.

These machines were awkward to use, inaccessible, and were (and still are) very expensive compared to an iPad till system.

The subscription model that most of today’s POS systems employ are far more cost effective, particularly for small businesses that only require a basic point of sale system for their small business.

Complete Integration

Integration Illustration Image

There are several aspects to any business, inventory management and a CRM system, for example, and to run that business effectively, each side must be managed.

Typically, a POS system for small business consists of just a point of sale.

A business owner must then download another application for inventory management, another one for accounting, and so on.

These application then need to be integrated in order to work with one another; this can be extremely dangerous for a business. If one application updates, or one fails to, the whole system can break down.

Tillpoint is the next generation of business management software.

Instead of integrating several pieces of 3rd party software, Tillpoint puts everything in one place. Our app consists of several apps, one for each aspect of a business, which come together to form a powerful and compete business management and POS software.

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