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Four Ways Technology Can Help Grow Your Business

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 03 Oct, 2016

Small and medium sized business owners always focus on growth and although building awareness, creating new products and engaging your target market can help establish business, you simply can’t afford to overlook the impact technology can have. With the right tools you can work more efficiently, attract more customers and create long-lasting growth.

Business Management Apps

Pick up your smartphone or tablet and type in ’Business Management’ on Google Play or the App Store. You’ll be bombarded with a crushing ton of useful options, many of which can be very effective in helping you run your business. Just try not to be overwhelmed with the amount of choice. From basic to-do lists to more advanced project management apps, you’re sure to find something that can make you’re life a little easier. Read the descriptions, download some to play about with and determine which ones could actually be useful to you and your business.

Point of Sale Systems

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If you happen to still be keeping inventory using a notebook, still handwriting receipts on paper, or only accepting cash, then your business may be in need of a smart POS system. Even the most basic Point of Sale systems have exceptional inventory management, customer management and sales & reporting analytics. With the right system you can increase productivity, analyse sales patterns to determine which items sell and automate so many tedious tasks that running your own business becomes a pleasant, less stressful experience.

Get Online

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In the digital age that is the 21st century, it’s a sin, an unforgivable one, for a serious business not to have its own website. If you’re a small business owner without an online presence you could be (and probably are) missing out on a huge amount of sales and revenue. With a multitude of web building and domain hosting sites out there, there’s really no excuse not to have your own website. Oh, and don’t forget to ensure the mobile version works just as well as the desktop - it’s how a significant portion of people will view your site. If it doesn’t look professional or doesn’t work well, you’re guaranteed to lose the trust of your customer. You wouldn’t input your credit card information to a badly run, dodgy looking site!

A good way of getting potential customers to your site is to have a blog section. Use this to write articles and interesting content, demonstrating that you’re an expert in your field. Don’t forget to share these on your social media pages!

Embrace Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest... the list goes on. If you’re using none of these then you’re unwittingly sitting on a reservoir of untapped potential for customer engagement. Open a few accounts on several different platforms and interact with your customers, share interesting content and promote your brand! The key to running a successful social media page is keeping your updates fun and engaging. Some ways to increase the amount of followers and likes you have is to run unique competitions, do giveaways, ask creative questions, post about current events and connect with causes that are important to you.

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