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Optimise Restaurant Efficiency With a Handheld EPOS System!

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 14 Nov, 2016

For those not in the know, EPOS stands for ‘electronic point of sale’; they’ve been revolutionising the hospitality sector since the early 1970s and they still continue to do so! It’s not all that surprising, working in a restaurant, in particular, can be a very stressful environment and anything that can make that process run a little smoother, or incrementally increase efficiency would be a highly advantageous commodity. This is why the adoption of handheld EPOS platforms are becoming more and more prevalent across a wide range of hospitality settings.

What Can an EPOS Do for My Restaurant?

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A main selling point for new EPOS platforms is having a user interface that is easy to understand and operate, limiting the costs of integration and the training of employees to learn how to use them. The use of these smart POS systems typically result in faster table service as orders can be taken from the customer, selected quickly on the handheld device and then sent directly to the kitchen. Wasted time, delayed orders and chef vitriol over ineligible handwritten tickets are a thing of the past!

Shifting to a smart point of sale can hugely help your employees, making certain aspects of their job easier, allowing them to focus more on providing high quality service to your customers. With real-time updates and information for staff, they can have all of it at their fingertips without having to remember; special instructions, remaining food stocks, providing alternatives to out of stock items, specials, chef favourites, promotions, details about selected wines and answers to any other questions people may have regarding the menu. Images of meals can even be displayed for those customers that can never make up their minds. Keeping track of lots of information is an integral part of being a server, and a handheld restaurant EPOS lets them do it all with far greater efficiency (and far less stress!). Smart point of sale systems come with individual staff logins as standard, logging everything each employee doe, leading to better reporting and performance charts.

The newer and more sophisticated EPOS platforms have been proven to reduce shrinkage due to their extensive stock management capabilities. Minimise stock variances through regular stock checks, set stock alerts when quantities of items are low, set automatic reorder points and identify slow moving stock items. These tools make it far easier for you run your business, especially regarding food items, as the information provided can help you choose what stays on the menu and what doesn’t!

A large and unnecessary chunk of time is usually taken up at the end of a customer’s meal when it comes to payment. A handheld device running EPOS software can provide staff with fast and accurate billing, an ability to easily split payments in a variety of ways and simple, efficient ways to collect tabs. This inevitably leads to a radical reduction in paperwork by saving all necessary information to a server, accessible from anywhere.

What’s This Going to Cost Me?

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There are many low cost systems, some of which are completely free! Never fear, EPOS is here! Gone are the days where you’d need to buy big pieces of expensive hardware, the majority of new systems download directly onto your iPad or android device - easy and cheap! You’ll normally be charged a monthly rate based upon either bandwidth usage or the number terminals you’re going to be using. Most point of sale platforms either have a free or trial version you can use. Capitalise on this to test out different systems and see what one works best for your business.

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Ultimately, it’s your business and you should run it the way that works best for you. However, the newer handheld restaurant EPOS systems are extremely sophisticated and come with a multitude of useful features and tools, it would be unwise to dismiss them without seeing what they’re capable of! There was once a time when business owners refused to have their own website, whereas today no business could function without one. Don’t get left behind, step into the future and utilise the very best technology can offer. 

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