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Revamping Retail with an iPad Till

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 16 Mar, 2017

Retail has become one of the most competitive industries within the private sphere, with innumerable SMEs and businesses starting up, and not only must you compete with brick and mortar stores, but online ones, too. Gaining an advantage in the fast-paced world of retail would be highly beneficial which is why most retailers have implemented sophisticated retail technology such as a dedicated retail POS. The concept and use of an iPad till has been around for a while, advancements in tech are constantly being pushed forward to help small business owners grow their business quickly and efficiently.

The Latest in Retail POS Technology

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Most present-day iPad tills are cloud-based systems that allow you the freedom to roam your store, interact with customers and, with certain retail pos systems, quickly display the real-time information of your entire product catalogue. An iPad till lets you complete transactions on the go, order items from the back-room, and see the quantity of each and every product. Retail technology has come a long way since the explosion of hand-held devices. iPad tills are much faster and operate more efficiently than the old, clunky retail point of sale systems. The auxiliary computing power allows these new applications better processing capabilities, the days of the standard cash register are over!

Choosing The iPad Till That Suits You

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No two owners, staff, even business types, are the same, and therefore need specific requirements subject to these conditions. People and businesses are different, much like point of sale systems. Some iPad tills are created for a specific industry, such as hospitality or auto, there are also numerous dedicated retail POS systems. Some have a pleasant user interface while others are more efficient to use. There are also some that strike a balance between appearance and operation, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you are in need of very basic features, such as a simple iPad till, go with a modest one-paged app. However, be warned, if you decide you want (or need) more in the future, you will have to integrate with other applications, which can be very costly. Scalability is, unfortunately, something which is often overlooked, typically by small business owners unsure of how quickly a company can grow. Always think ahead!

The Next Generation of iPad Till Systems

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Tillpoint was created with ease of use, scalability, and cost in mind. Instead of a simple, one-page application, tillpoint consists of several powerful modules which work collectively to form a complete business management application. Our next generation app is complete with POS, accounting, inventory management and much, much more, all with dedicated reporting, allowing you to see how and why your business is working. Revitalise your business with tillpoint’s iPad till!

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