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6 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Team

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 19 Feb, 2020

6 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Team

If you’re lucky enough to find hard-working, talented staff then you want to do everything you can to keep hold of them; keeping them motivated and happy is therefore an essential skill for any manager.

Your relationships with fellow team members are vital to accomplishing tasks, meeting deadlines and exceeding company goals.

The strength of your team is therefore a key factor when to comes to success, so we’ve put together some things that you can do to strengthen your work force.

Show Gratitude

People want to work in an environment where their hard work is appreciated, so cultivating an environment that encourages gratitude should be a company-wide objective, from the sales department all the way to IT.

Management should always provide genuine praise for good work - according to an employee survey by Glassdoor, 53% of employees admit they would stay longer at their company if they felt more appreciation from their boss.

1-On-1 Check-Ins

Having a large workforce can make it difficult to get regular face-time with your employees, so arranging one-to-one meetings can help show support and care for your team.

The purpose of these meeting is to better understand how staff are doing in their position and at the company - it’s not an appraisal of their current work!

Any organised meeting with the boss can create feelings of anxiety, so be sure to let them know in advance what the meeting will be about!

Team-Building Activities

Who doesn’t like a good team-building activity?

They can be a great way to facilitate team bonding, reduce employee stress and give staff an opportunity to learn more about one another in a non-office environment.

Team building games and activities can also be insightful for management as a way to determine strengths and weaknesses in a range of situations.

HubSpot have done a great job of compiling a list of all the best team outing ideas.

Social Outings

Similar to (but not the same as) team-building activities, social outings function to make staff members feel appreciated by giving workers a few hours off to have fun and relax together.

Social events like these can help team members form friendships in the workplace, which can boost productivity, creativity, and make their job more enjoyable.

See a great list of amazing company outings by TINYpulse to get some inspiration!

Make Time for Fun

Fun doesn’t have to be restricted to team building exercises and social events! A few short breaks throughout the day help to keep employees focused and motivated.

The Pomodoro Technique is a useful time-management strategy that breaks up your workday into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks.

The idea behind it is to instil a sense of urgency rather than feeling like you have endless time in the workday to get things done.

Encourage staff to use this technique to help break up the workday so they can be more productive and have a little structured downtime to speak with work colleagues.

Celebrate Team Achievements

This last one is very similar to the first, just on a grander scale.

Celebrating company achievements, however small, can create a sense of purpose for the team by showing them that their work is having a real impact on company progress.

Tracking and celebrating team wins helps create an inclusive company culture that boosts employee confidence, both in their abilities and the organisation, reinforcing the idea that your business is a great place to work.

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