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FinancesOnline: Tillpoint’s Review

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 08 Oct, 2018

Tillpoint Certified as a Great User Experience for POS Software

Alongside a positive rating, FinancesOnline praised Tillpoint for efficiently catering to various needs in the retail and hospitality businesses while “simplifying and streamlining every aspect of their operations.” Impressed with our platform’s ease of use, we received the Great User Experience award for 2018.

The Great User Experience award is given to solutions that provide an especially pleasing user experience through an intuitive interface and well-designed functionalities.

This was elaborated upon by FinancesOnline in their review. According to their experts, “Tillpoint is a very user-friendly tool with a visibly attractive design” alongside a “smooth and seamless” interface, thus making navigating fun and easy.

FinancesOnline also commended us as an efficient POS for small business due to our platform’s efficiency in handling all aspects of their business operations.

Tillpoint also received FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award for 2018, a distinction given to software products that are perceived by clients as a reliable platform for efficiently accomplishing their routine tasks.

This distinction is nicely complemented by Tillpoint’s inclusion in their 20 best POS systems of 2018. This prestigious award can be attributed to Tillpoint’s high-degree of flexibility and scalability, allowing users to select and scale the functionalities needed to handle their unique requirements.

“The modular infrastructure of the software provides you with the ability to easily scale up or down with ease and speed as your requirements change and you need to add new features to keep up with the changing times,” stated FinancesOnline.

With these awards on hand, our team is motivated to go above and beyond in further improving Tillpoint for our customers. Make sure to check out FinancesOnline’s review and try Tillpoint today. Get your 30 day free trial - no credit card required!

Alternatively, feel free to have a look at our complete EPOS systems which contain all the hardware and software necessary for you start trading right away!

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