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Tillpoint POS: Manage Your Shop with an iPad Till

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 28 Feb, 2017

Implementing an iPad till system for your business can drastically increase efficiency in the workplace, improve customer service and reduce queueing time, allowing you to focus on selling your products and managing your staff. Through using tillpoint’s intuitive point of sale system you can learn to grow your business at a convenient and sustainable rate.

What Is an iPad Till?

Staff members discovering iPad POS

An iPad till refers a to point of sale system designed to run on an iPad device. Many of the newer POS systems are cloud-based, meaning the information saved on the device is automatically uploaded to a web server, reducing the risk of losing important data. Businesses of all sizes, from SMEs all the way up to enterprise level, have identified the countless benefits of implementing such systems; with sophisticated automation, high-level security and an intuitive register being some key features.

Many small businesses are opting to go with an iPad till as opposed to a more typical point of sale system, such as an electronic cash register, because of the freedom and highly flexible access it allows for. Vendors can freely walk around their store, iPad in hand, ready to serve the next customer or instantly provide a detailed product catalogue, helping to secure quick and efficient sales.

A Truly Complete Point of Sale System

Tillpoint iPad Application

The majority of applications currently available on the market are typically single paged with severely restricted capabilities. These limitations need to be supplemented through the use of other, third party application, that then require integration which can be extremely problematic, to be able to effectively run different aspects of a business. This method is extremely flawed; not only do you have the huge issue of integration, you’re also required to pay a monthly fee for each of these applications, including an iPad till, accounting and CRM, just to name a few!

Tillpoint has been especially designed to combat these issues; the application is comprised of several powerful modules, each working in sync with one another to create a collective, resulting in an extremely robust business management app, complete with a dynamic point of sale system, accounting, staff management, CRM and more! We’ve eliminated the need to integrate, therefore shrinking the overall costs by a significant margin, as you now only need a single application to run your business in its entirety. 

You can quickly disable and enable the different modules at the touch of a button. If all you’re looking for is an easy-to-use iPad till coupled with an inventory management system for your small business, you’re able use only those modules that you require. When your small business grows into a bigger business, tillpoint grows with you, scalable all the way up to enterprise. Once you need accounting, enable the accounting module. Once you need invoicing and quotations, just enable those modules, it’s that easy!

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