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Tillpoint: The Ultimate Platform to Run Your Business

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 21 Dec, 2017

Professional apps are on the rise, from POS systems for small businesses, to larger retailers reaping the rewards of implementing iPad accounting apps.

These systems are largely single-purpose, offering a convenient solution to only one part of a business whole.

There is one platform, however, that has overcome this issue.

Tillpoint uses a system of apps, each dedicated to managing or operating a certain aspect of business operation.

These apps all work together as one complete system, similar to how your iPhone contains an app to browse the internet, to check your email, and so on.

Specialised Apps for Each Part of Your Business

Tillpoint has over twenty dedicated apps, each carefully designed with the purposes of fulfilling the needs of that business element, from the point of sale, to managing inventory and maintaining stock levels.

Created by professionals in the areas of business, design, and programming, each app has been through several phases of analysis and adjustment, optimising it for its purpose.

Unlike other iPad business apps, Tillpoint was designed with the user’s business growth in mind, foregoing the need to purchase more apps as time goes on, in order to handle separate facets of the business.

All modules are available in each pricing plan, whereby users only utilise the apps needed, using more as they scale upwards at no extra cost.

Most new companies typically require the following: a POS, a way to control their inventory, and a system by which they can manage their growing list of customers.

The majority of iPad till companies lack a CRM and attempt to integrate with other customer management apps to fill that void.

A point of sale app can function without a CRM in the same way that your mobile phone can function without a camera.

It’s not entirely necessary but it opens up a whole host of new possibilities, including discovering your customer base, detailed customer reporting, and an ability to create a range of customer loyalty programs.

Built for Security and Reliability

An issue that plagues the majority of iPad business apps, particularly POS systems used for small business, is their need to integrate.

As previously mentioned, many of these professional apps are single-purpose, only able to manage one area of business operation, for example, the point of sale.

It’s akin to carrying around the separate components of a smart phone - i.e., telephone, camera, mp3 player, computer, calculator, calendar, and so on. It’s neither efficient nor practical.

Tillpoint, in that regard, is like a smartphone, neatly combining the power and functionality of several business resources.

The integration of several apps, which have been developed by different companies, various programmers, and for different purposes, can be highly unstable in terms of reliability, functionality, and security.

Tillpoint’s modular design may be thought of as a completed puzzle, created by one designer to display a unified image, as opposed to finding unrelated puzzle pieces and forcing them to fit.

Interconnectivity as opposed to integration provides a multitude of benefits to the user.

For example, data is carried between modules instead of being exported to other apps, meaning all sensitive information remains encrypted and safe.

In addition to the modular design, in-app permissions and access for each user may be set by the admin, limiting which areas of the app employees can view or use.

One Monthly Cost Instead of Several

Many businesses, particularly independent retailers and coffee shops, are adopting the use of professional iOS applications to assist in the running of their business, from basic calendar apps to fully-fledged POS systems.

The growing use of iPad business apps is partly due to the benefits they offer over traditional business practices, especially regarding the point of sale, which can provide users with in-depth sales reporting, allowing small businesses to quickly expand.

Another benefit POS apps offer, perhaps the most important to smaller business, is cost.

Instead of paying for multiple business apps, learning how each of them work, and forcing them to integrate with one another, Tillpoint provides an all-in-one solution.

One outlay, one app for you and your staff members to learn, and a lack of a need for unstable integrations.

Detailed Reporting in All Areas

The information collected from each module is saved, analysed, and then presented in easy-to-understand reports.

Due to each of the modules being interconnected, as opposed to integrated, there’s no possibility of missing, incorrect or corrupt data.

Sales Reporting

With Tillpoint’s advanced reporting you can track sales over any timeframe, from hourly orders, to an annual overview.

Discover best selling points throughout the day, view your best selling items, and use the data to tweak your products and pricing to increase revenue and profit.

Staff Reporting

View your best sellers and hardest workers, see which employees are best suited to certain sales areas, and create a range of staff targets, which you can then track, to incentivise your sales team.

Customer Reporting

View a breakdown of your customer demographic by age and gender, discover your biggest spenders and the customers which frequent your store the most, and see how many new customers you’re acquiring each day.

Supplier Reporting

View best suppliers based on frequency, reliability, or their costing of items. Use this data to keep your overheads low and your profits high, with the added feature of being able to compare the same items by different suppliers.

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