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Tillpoint contains carefully designed modules, each dedicated to managing a specific area of business operation. Use some of the modules or all of them, there aren't any restrictions and you'll get access to all modules and features, including those in subsequent updates, in every subscription plan.

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The only complete POS system that meets all of your business's requirements.

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What is a Tillpoint module?

A module may be thought of as an app contained within the Tillpoint framework. Think about your smartphone, which has different apps that do different things!

What if I don’t need to use all of the modules?

Every Tillpoint user has access to all of the modules, from the POS to Inventory, at no extra cost. Use only what you need.

Will you add more modules?

The way Tillpoint was built allows us to easily add modules and features. We do have a few things in the pipeline!

I need a feature Tillpoint doesn’t have. Is there a chance it may be added?

We’re constantly trying to improve our system, so drop us a line and tell us what you’d like to see added.

If I only need a POS, why should I use Tillpoint?

The POS module contained within Tillpoint is one of the most advanced and feature-filled point of sale systems currently available. It also has the added benefit of interconnecting with the Customers, Staff, Inventory, Accounting, and other modules, providing users with a complete business system.

Do I need to pay more for more modules?

No. All of Tillpoint’s modules are available to use on every subscription plan, even those we'll release in the future!

Can I hide the modules I don’t want?

Yes, you can customise the home screen to suit your specific needs.

Why use Tillpoint?

Tillpoint means less integration as it contains everything a business needs to operate, with modules covering all aspects of business, facilitating easy management and growth.

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