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Cash Manager

tillpoint epos cash manager

Keep a firm grasp of your finances and accounting with Tillpoint. The interconnectivity between the Cash Manager and the POS affords users accurate and reliable management of all cash flowing through each and every till.

After a day of successful trading you will close the tills, whereby Tillpoint generates an End of Day report for each cash register. The ongoing summary for each till is also displayed, by which managers can see their X Report, refinable by user and/or till.

Cash Register Management

X and Z Reports

Check the ongoing X report while trading and generate a comprehensive Z report at end of day, which can be automatically emailed to you at the point of completion, logging till status, sales data, float, and more.

Multiple POS Tills

Gain complete control over your point of sale tills, with features that allow you to quickly pay money into or out of each cash register. All transactions are logged, allowing you to see which staff member accessed which till and at what time.

tillpoint epos cash manager interconnected accountstillpoint epos cash manager interconnected accounts

Manage Cash Flow with Ease

Account Activity Logs

tillpoint epos cash manager account activitytillpoint epos cash manager account activitytillpoint epos cash manager account activity

Cash Register Transactions

All activity through every cash register is logged, showing which staff have accessed which tills and at what times, with data fields to input reasons for accessing POS registers.

Minimise Losses and Discrepancies

All end of day Z reports are saved and can be viewed at any time by you or staff members with sufficient access privileges. These detailed reports enable you to minimise losses through revealing any discrepancies.

Till Management

tillpoint epos cash manager till managmenttillpoint epos cash manager till managment

Set Tills

Quickly set new till amounts, log transfers of petty cash between cash registers, and view the balances of all connected tills at the tap of a button.

Float Adjustment

Set new float amounts for each till after generating end of day Z reports, or use the adjustment features to change float amounts midday.

Interconnected Accounting

tillpoint epos cash manager interconnected accountstillpoint epos cash manager interconnected accounts

Adjustment Accounts

Quickly select the adjustment account when setting tills to ensure a meticulous record of money spent and received, kept to check that no mistakes have been made in the official set of accounts.

Interconnected Accounting

All transactions, both in and out of the point of sale, such as sales and refunds, the purchasing of supplies, and all adjustments are automatically recorded and processed in the Accounting module.

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Key Cash Manager Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Set Till

Quickly set each till before selling commences, inputting amounts and selecting the adjustment account from which money was added.

End of Day Report

Upon closing the till a Z Report will be automatically generated, displaying expected balance, actual balance and discrepancies, with the added ability to set a new cash float for the next day.

X Report

View the cumulative throughout-the-day sales report at anytime, informing you of cash sales, refunds, total purchases and more.

End of Day Report Auto-Email

Get the end of day report sent directly to your email upon confirmation of till closure, keeping you up to date with sales even when you’re not around.

Till Control

Quickly open the cash register, allowing you to pay money into, or take money out of, the till, with data fields enabling you to add reasons or notes for every action.

Till Status

See how each till is doing at the tap of a button, with the added feature of being able to filter by user.

View All Reports

All end of day reports are saved after the closing of the till, enabling you to view them at any time.


All modules in the Tillpoint application are connected to one another, forming one seamless solution, removing the need to unsecurely integrate with other applications.

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All Cash Manager Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Set Tills

Select Adjustment Accounts

Calculator Applet

View Till Balances

End of Day Reporting

Set Cash Float

View All Sales Data

Transaction Breakdown

Filter by Till & User

X Reporting

Full Till Control

Reason Field for Till Adjustment

Add Photos & Notes

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View Account Activity

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