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Time Clock

tillpoint epos time clock

This module was designed to encourage reliability of staff to consistently be on time and ready for work. The snapshot feature uses the device’s front-facing camera to take a photo of each employee clocking in or out.

Easily manage all staff members’ working times, see which people in your team are most dependable, and use this information when determining career advancement.

Promote Punctuality with the Time Clock

An Easier Way to Manage Staff

tillpoint epos time clock designed for ease of use

Designed for Ease-Of-Use

Tillpoint’s flexibility allows companies of any size, in any industry, to optimise the way they manage staff, with a multitude of useful staff management features.

Reduced Staff Training Time

Tillpoint’s intuitive design is quick to master, greatly cutting down on training time for employees, saving a great deal of time and money.

Automate Payroll

tillpoint epos time clock automate payrolltillpoint epos time clock automate payroll

Auto-Calculate Employee Costs

Tillpoint will calculate the number of hours each employee has worked, including regular time, overtime and unpaid time. This removes unnecessary admin work of manually working out individual salaries.

The Complete EPOS System

All modules within the Tillpoint application are interconnected and work together as one, complete system. The time clock, for example, works with the Staff module to automatically calculate the salaries of all employees working different shifts, with varying times, hours and roles on the timesheet.

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Key Time Clock Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Intuitive Design

Tillpoint was created to be as user-friendly as possible, allowing anyone to quickly understand how to navigate through the app

Interconnected Modules

Information is constantly shared between modules in order to function as a whole, such as the timeclock data being used to calculate employee pay.

Image Capture

The system will take a snapshot of anyone clocking in or out, ensuring the right people are clocking in to the right staff accounts.


Notes may be added to each clock-in or clock-out, allowing staff to add any relevant information.

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All Time Clock Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!


Automatic Payroll

Photo Capture

Time Clock Reporting

Note Field

Last Clock In / Out

Comprehensive Time Clock Data

Overtime Calculator

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