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Delivery Management

tillpoint epos delivery management

All deliveries made via the POS will appear in the Deliveries module, making it remarkably easy to navigate through and manage completed or outstanding delivery orders. You can quickly filter through the entire list of deliveries by setting specific search parameters, finding orders in seconds.

The mobility provided by Tillpoint allows you to make sales using the POS, take orders and manage deliveries from any location or on the go. Enjoy the freedom to operate anywhere at anytime, while maintaining full control of your business. Access Tillpoint using your iPad, Mac, PC or Tablet.

Managing Deliveries with Tillpoint

Delivery Management Features

tillpoint epos delivery management assigning staff as courierstillpoint epos delivery management assigning staff as couriers

Assigning Staff as Couriers

Quickly assign staff members as couriers to deliveries, allowing you to manage your incoming orders with ease, ensuring every food order is delivered on time.

Mapping Routes

After assigning a courier you can map the route from your current business location to the customer’s address, automatically finding the quickest route between the two points.

Seperate Delivery Pricing

tillpoint epos delivery management multiple order typestillpoint epos delivery management multiple order types

Multiple Order Types

You can select multiple order types in POS, including delivery. All delivery orders will be shown in the Deliveries module, allowing for easy management of all delivery orders.

Delivery Price Lists

You can use the price list feature to set separate pricing for delivery orders. When delivery is selected as the order type, prices will change accordingly to match the delivery price list.

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Key Delivery Management Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Assign Couriers

Quickly assign staff members to deliveries, tasking them with transporting goods to customers.

Map Route

See the fastest way of getting goods from your store to your customers.

Custom Print Templates

Create a number of highly customisable templates for printing and emailing delivery information.

In-App Help Guide

Every page has its own build in help guide, enabling you to quickly understand how each page works.

Delivery Order Timeline

View the changes of any given order, with the ability to see when the transaction was registered, if items were returned and more.

Extensive Search & Filter

Use the comprehensive search feature to quickly find the information of any delivery.

Interconnected to Other Modules

The interconnectivity of Tillpoint allows a seamless all-in-one solution for managing business operation.

Multiple Column Titles

Customise the delivery page to display the information you most frequently want to see.

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All Delivery Management Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Unlimited Deliveries

In-App Help

Custom Print Templates

Comprehensive Delivery Search

Filter Deliveries in a Number of Ways

Various Column Titles

Assign Couriers

Interconnected Design


Delivery Timeline

Detailed Delivery Info

Send Delivery Info via In-App Email

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