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Creating quotations with Tillpoint is very straightforward; all of your products and services that reside in your inventory can be quickly added at the touch of a button! Create quotations quickly and send them directly to your customers.

Tillpoint includes a large number of customisation features when it comes to building quotations, allowing you to create a range of personalised templates for bespoke quotes.

Create Quotations Quickly

Convenience Through Automation

tillpoin epos create quotationstillpoin epos create quotations

Optimising Time Management

Tillpoint is made up of several powerful modules that work together, creating a complete business management system. Everything is interconnected for the sake of convenience, enabling you to get far more done in much less time. Key data regarding items added directly from inventory, such as price, item code and tax, will automatically be imported with it, removing the need for you to do it manually!

Data Fields for Everything

Everything necessary to create a thorough quotation is available. The slew of fields cover everything, from adding items directly from your inventory, or adding items that aren’t, to more advanced fields, such as connecting the employee which made the sale to the quote. Should you need an extra field for some supplementary information, custom data fields can be created very quickly.

Complete Quotation Management

tillpoin epos create quotationstillpoin epos create quotations

Organise Your Quotes

Maintaining hundred or thousands of quotations is easy through Tillpoint. Our organisation features include comprehensive filters, sorting and custom fields, ensuring you are always able to find what you need in seconds.

Bespoke Customer Quotations

Add a variety of information to each quotation and add fields unique to your business. You can even add personalised notes for both internal use, or receipt notes for the customer.

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Key Quotation Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

In-App Help Guide

Each page contains its own comprehensive help guide, ensuring users are never uncertain as to what they should do next.

Unlimited Quotations

There are no restrictions regarding the number of quotations you may create, or store in your list of quotations.

Customisable Quotation Templates

Design an array of quotation templates to be printed for, or emailed to, your customers.

Connect Customers to Quotations

Add your customers to quotations, saving the quote to their profile, data which will be collected for the customer report page.

Multiple Addresses

Quickly edit customer addresses, with the ability of adding billing and shipping addresses.

Include Your Business Info

When creating a new invoice, your company logo, name and business caption will automatically be displayed, giving an exclusive flair to your quotations.

Import Items from Inventory

Inventory items can be added to your quotes in a flash due to Tillpoint’s unique modular design.

Numerous Discount Methods

Apply discounts to the individual items of an order, or to the entire order itself.

Staff Commission

Incentivise sales with staff commission, with the added ability of being able to meticulously track which of your employees are the highest performers.

Custom Fields

Extend your data capturing abilities by creating a range of highly customisable custom fields.

Calculator Applet

Never again will you have quick math anxiety, work out large sums in seconds with Tillpoin’s calculator.

Pause Quotations

Quickly hold active quotes, ready to be continued at any time.

Generate Invoices

Export your completed quotations to the invoices module, where you can complete the order and take payment.

Void Quotations

Remove unwanted quotations in a flash, enabling you to maintain accurate accounts and reporting.

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Get the Most Advanced EPOS Now!

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All Quotation Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Unlimited Quotations

In-App Help Guide

Custom Print Templates

Email Quotations from App

Extensive Search & Filtering

Multiple Column Titles

Comprehensive Sorting

Company Logo on Quotations

Business Information Displayed

Custom Quotation Numbers

Connect Customers to Quotations

Multiple Addresses

Custom Reference

Issue & Valid Until Dates

Import Inventory Items

Add Items by Code

Apply Discounts

Override Tax Amounts

Line Notes

Staff Commission

Add Photo Attachments

Custom Fields

Add Extra Charges

Quotation Notes

Receipt Notes for Customer

Change Salesperson & Account Manager

Calculator Applet

Pause Quotations

Intuitive User Interface

Set Default Quotation Validity

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