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Table Reservations

tillpoint epos table reservations

Quickly reserve tables at the touch of a button with Tillpoint’s smart table reservation system. Create new reservations quickly and efficiently with an ability to import previously saved customers with accompanying settings, seating preferences and special requests.

The table reservation system is used in conjunction with the table map, which can be customised to suit your table layout. Reserved tables can be seen in multiple viewing modes which show the connected customer’s information, time, date and status.

Manage Tables with Tillpoint

Set Table Availability

Set the table reservation availability specific to your business opening hours, with multiple shift times throughout the day and exclusion capabilities.

Seating Preferences & Special Requirements

Create preset seating preferences and special requirements which can then be quickly selected when making a table booking, streamlining the table reservation process.

tillpoint epos table reservations set table availabilitytillpoint epos table reservations set table availabilitytillpoint epos table reservations set table availabilitytillpoint epos table reservations set table availability

Table Reservation Management

Confirm Table Bookings

tillpoint epos table reservations customers confirmingtillpoint epos table reservations customers confirming

Auto-Send SMS

Automatically send your customers an SMS message containing their booking information upon confirmation. The system will send the message with your default text template which can be created in minutes.

Table Reservation Emails

Send emails to your customers confirming their table reservation, including details such as occasion, deposit, seating preferences, special requirements and more.

Edit Table Bookings

tillpoint epos table reservations change table reservationstillpoint epos table reservations change table reservations

Change Table Reservations

Quickly edit reservations to meet your customers needs, changing any details on the table booking in seconds. Changes can only be made by staff with the necessary access privileges.

Connect Bookings to Customers

Connect your table bookings to existing customer accounts, either by searching through the CRM or scanning a customer card number, quickly adding their information to the table reservation data fields.

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Key Table Reservations Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you whatever your requirements.

Custom Floor Plans

Design an accurate and detailed table map of your restaurant or cafe with the easy-to-use table map creator, which is filled with a variety of preset furniture icons.

Table Reservation Statuses

The status of each table automatically changes depending on which stage of the reservation process the customer is at, but with the ability to manually edit statuses for complete table control.

Auto-SMS Confirmations

Automatically send customers booking information after a reservation has been confirmed by you or your staff, giving the customer a reminder that the reservation has been made.

Unlimited Table Reservations

No limits or restrictions to the number of table reservations you can create and manage.

Custom Print Templates

Design a variety of highly customisable templates, used to print or email table reservations to your customers.

Send Table Reservations by Email

Swiftly sent your table bookings to your customers’ email addresses, all without leaving the Tillpoint system.

In-App Help Guide

Get the most out of every page with dedicated help, ensuring you’re never stuck as what to do next.

Connect Customers to Table Reservations

Add customers to table reservations, enabling you to collect detailed reporting on your customer base.

Reservation Method & Status

Dedicated options for choosing the method in which the table reservation was made, and the status of said reservation.

Custom Fields

Extend your ability to capture data by creating a range of highly customisable custom fields, ensuring you never miss out of necessary information.

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All Table Reservations Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Unlimited Reservations

In-App Help Guide

Custom Table Reservation Templates

Email Reservations to Customers

Send SMS Reservation Confirmations

Comprehensive Search, Sort & Filter

Multiple Column Titles

Add Customers to Table Reservations

Multiple Reservation Statuses

Interconnected Design

Multiple Table Maps

Customisable Floor Plans

Tableside Ordering

Accessible Table Map

Intuitive Design & Layout

Total Table Control

Preset Furnishing Images

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