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Take Contactless and Card Payments Anywhere with iZettle

Integrating the iZettle payment device with Tillpoint means faster and more efficient card transactions. Take payments with Tillpoint from all major debit and credit card providers using iZettle.

Take Contactless and Card Payments Anywhere with iZettle

The iZettle card reader takes chip, swipe and contactless payments from all major credit cards and debit cards, as well as payments by Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Reach More Customers with Tillpoint and the iZettle Reader


Faster Card Payments

Never miss out on a sale again. The new iZettle Reader accepts card and contactless payments 25% faster than other mobile card readers on the market. Let your customers tap, insert and swipe away.


All-Day Power

Whether your business occupies a shop or slice of pavement, you can easily take any type of payment. It has all-day battery life, lasting 30% longer than other mobile credit card readers, and a stable Bluetooth connection. No cables. No hassle.


Deposits Within Days

iZettle deposits the money you’ve earned within 1-2 business days, no matter which payment types or cards you process. Stop waiting weeks to receive your funds and keep your cash flowing.


Easy to Set Up

The iZettle Reader can be set up in minutes, connecting to your iPad using Bluetooth. It’s the simple and easy way to start accepting card and contactless payments, faster than ever before.

Manage your whole business operation through Tillpoint and iZettle

How to Integrate iZettle with Tillpoint


Register your Tillpoint Account

Download Tillpoint from the App Store and create an account in-app, or sign-up via our website.


Sign Up with iZettle

Create an account with iZettle for free & get the iPad-compatible iZettle Chip + PIN card reader.


Add iZettle to Tillpoint

Simply open Tillpoint and go to "Settings > Devices > Payment" Devices and select iZettle from the dropdown menu.

Get the Most Advanced EPOS Now!

Get the Most Advanced EPOS Now!

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