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9 Proven Ways to Boost Sales This Valentine’s Day

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 29 Jan, 2020

9 Proven Ways to Boost Sales This Valentine’s Day

Fall in love with increased profits this Valentine’s Day by infusing some romance into your business.

We’ve put together 9 proven ways that will boost your sales in the lead-up to February 14th; you may be unlucky in the realm of love but the same doesn’t have to be said for your revenue!

1. Tailor Your Website to Valentine’s Day

example of valentine’s day sales promotion

This may be the easiest thing you can do to let your customers know that you 1) engage with the same culture as your customers and 2) cater to, and care about, the needs of your audience.

Whether you manage your own eCommerce website or rely on an external webmaster, you should be able to update your photos with relative ease in order to create an engaging Valentine’s Day theme.

You can keep things fairly minimalist or go all out with big love hearts, cheeky cherubs and red roses.

It all comes down to what best matches your brand and how you’d like to be seen through the eyes of your customers.

Remember, your website is essentially your shop window - make sure it’s appealing to who you’re trying to attract!

2. Find a Valentine’s Day Angle for Your Products

birds eye view of coffee cup with heart inside

You may think that your products lack value or the necessary association when it comes to Valentine’s Day and have accepted that this time of year is a just no-go for sales.

You may be wrong (unless you’re a funeral director).

There are ways to infuse the essence of Valentine’s Day straight into your items and/or branding by highlighting ways that your products can make your loved ones happy.

You can always try to position your products as unique, non-typical Valentine’s Day gifts - differentiated products are more easily remembered!

3. Give Shoppers Gift Ideas

toy dog looking up at floating hearts

It’s really hard finding the right gift for that special someone.

You don’t want to pick something that’s cliché or lacking in originality (unless they’re into that kind of thing) so offering some guidance to your customers as to what they should buy can be a great way to bring people to your website.

You could go so far as to create a Valentine’s Day gift guide, either in the form of a blog post or video (or both for best results!).

Be sure to include some of the items you sell, or items that compliment your existing product lines.

4. Segment Audiences by Gender

direction board segmenting men one way and women another

For the most part, men and women exhibit different buying behaviour and benefit from a ’For Him/ For Her’ filter.

This makes it easier for users to navigate your site and find exactly what they’re looking for without wasting any time.

Studies show that you’ve only got around 15 seconds before a visitor will leave your site.

This doesn’t give you much time to keep them engaged so try to guide them towards the products they’re searching for in the lowest possible number of clicks.

5. Email Marketing

laptop seen side on with hand over it

Some say email marketing is dead. How wrong they are!

If you’ve built up a database of client emails, or indeed purchased a list from a data supplier (that’s of course compliant with data protection laws), you can send out beautifully designed emails that showcase your items to your current customers and/or prospects.

If you have no experience with design or HTML you can use a platform like MailChimp which makes it easy for anyone, regardless of experience.

Even if prospects fail to convert into paying customers, an email campaign still has value in the form of brand awareness.

6. Exploit Relevant Partnership Opportunities

a variety of people with different ethnicities collaborating

Build your network and parter-up with companies who provide complimentary services or products that can add value to what you sell, and this helps you in three important ways:

1) Extra Value: You’re offering your customers an enhanced value proposition that increase the chances of getting them to convert.

2) Additional Exposure: The company that you’re partnering with typically promotes your product or service, meaning increased exposure of your brand.

3) Gain New Customers: When your partner does advertise the co-branded campaign they’ll be promoting your business to their customers, giving you a whole new range of clientele to tap into.

7. Post on Social Media With Suitable Hashtags

a graphical hashtag with cartoon people

Social media is an easy way to communicate directly with your customer base and the wider sphere of people who may be interested in your products.

However, finding what you may want in a sea of Internet noise is actually quite difficult.

You can make this process easier by using relevant hashtags when posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

If you were a café, for example, you could use hashtags like #coffeeshop #coffeetime #lunch (and of course #cafe).

Use a tool like HashTagify to find the most appropriate hashtags for your business.

You can maximise your potential reach by having a presence on all of the aforementioned social media platforms.

Be sure to post regularly with fun, engaging content that you think would interest your perfect customer.

8. Upsell and Cross-Sell Relevant Items

hand drawing US dollar symbol with text

You can focus on upselling this Valentine’s Day by encouraging customers to buy higher-end items than those currently being considered, although we can only recommend doing this if it’s right for the customer - positive brand perception is worth far more than a few extra sales!

Demonstrate why this item is better than the one they originally picked up and if they decide it’s right for them, you’ll be seen as knowledgable, honest and will have made a bigger sale.

You can also cross-sell items, which means suggesting items which compliment their primary purchase.

For example, if you sell a dozen red roses, a nice box of chocolates would be an appropriate product that could be purchased in conjunction with the main item.

Top tip: Some of the newer EPOS systems have smart sale features that prompt upsell and cross-sell items to the cashier right at the point of purchase.

9. Encourage User-Generated Content

graphical image of hands using laptops and writing

It’s hard creating consistently good and engaging content for your social media pages.

It’s clear from research that people really engage with stories they can relate to, and this can be an opportunity that you can benefit from.

Why not offer the chance for your customers to share their experiences with your brand?

You could offer some type of random prize draw as an incentive for people to post pictures or videos with your products.

This will help increase your brand awareness and you should get some good content for your online channels.

If you don’t want to go that far, you can always do something on a smaller scale, such as putting out a questionnaire or online poll which lets your followers engage with you.

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