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9 Amazing Blogs Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know About

by Tillpoint Editorial Team 17 Feb, 2020

9 Amazing Blogs Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Read

We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurant blogs that provide a ton of value for owners and managers of food service businesses, such as restaurants, cafés, coffee shops and bars.


Not a restaurant-specific blog per se, however they have tons of useful resources that are useful for any business, regardless of industry. You can find marketing guides to help boost your visibility and learn how to effectively advertise your restaurant.

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Our Top Picks:

15 Food Brands With Instagram Content Worth Drooling Over

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, see how you can utilise your social channels to maximum effect.

16 Types of Customer Needs (and How to Solve for Them)

Understanding your customers is paramount to any business’s success. This post will help you do just that.

The Ultimate Guide to Responding to Positive and Negative Google Reviews [+ Examples]

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to please everyone. Bad reviews are inevitable so knowing how to properly deal with them is a must-have skill for any restaurateur.

Modern Restaurant Management

Read about restaurant news and trends, watch videos from seasoned restaurant owners, and see how you can improve your own restaurant business using their wide range of useful content.

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Our Top Picks:

Five PR Ideas You Can Implement in Your Restaurant This Year

Learn how to attract new customers in innovative ways and stand out from your competitors in a very crowded marketplace.

How To: Social Media Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

Learn how to optimise your social media so that you can better engage with your customer base and grow your online following.

How to Get a Competitive Advantage For Your New Restaurant

The food and beverage industry is incredibly competitive. See how you can differentiate yourself from other restaurants for a larger share of your customers’ wallets!

Foodable Network

Take a deep-dive into the world of restaurant ownership with Foodable’s great podcasts, videos and blogs that covers a wide range of topics, from increasing customer value to making delicious cold-pressed smoothies.

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Our Top Picks:

How to Enhance Your Customer’s Experience Through Packaging

What factors influence purchase decisions? Discover how packaging can influence customer perception and improve their overall experience with your brand.

Brew School: Coffee Sourcing

Take tips from the experts who can guide you towards sourcing the right coffee beans to making that perfect tasting cup of Joe.

Paris Baguette and Bakery Cafe Growth

This podcast explores cafe and bakery growth with top chefs, brand makers and other experts who give great advice for any budding hospitality business owner.

Restaurant Den

See actionable advice that you can start using right away for your restaurant, ranging from business expense guidance to what loyalty programs you should implement.

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Our Top Picks:

How to Take Advantage of User-Generated Content to Grow Your Restaurant

Writing great, engaging content is hard work. Learn how you can exploit natural content opportunities provided by your customer base.

The 20 Best Point Of Sale (POS) Systems For Restaurant

Find the best POS system for your restaurant with this comprehensive guide, it’s always good to compare software so that you can make the right decision for your business.

How to Avoid Unexpected Restaurant Expenses

Keeping costs low is a fast way to higher profit margins. See how you can optimise your expenses and avoid the pitfalls many restaurant owners fall into.

Restaurant Business

A fantastic resource that offers a great deal of content spanning restaurant tech, leadership and financing advice. Well worth a look.

screenshot of restaurant business online website

Our Top Picks:

50 Great Ideas

The title speaks for itself. Read through 50 great ideas that you can implement today to improve and grow your restaurant.

10 Groundbreaking Concepts

No restaurant wants to become stale (pun intended) and this article reveals some great ways of staying one step ahead of your competition.

Recipedia: Restaurant recipes that fit the trends

Looking to revamp your menu? See these recipes which incorporate ingredients from the latest food trends to hit the high street.

Tillpoint Blog

We’re OK with a shameless plug when our content is first-rate. Read through our blogs to see how you can grow your restaurant business and improve operational efficiency.

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Our Top Picks:

5 Ways to Reduce Your Restaurant Costs with Tillpoint

Learn the best ways of reducing your costs and increasing your profits through Tillpoint’s specialised restaurant management tools.

5 Benefits of Running Your Point of Sale on the Cloud

Cloud-based software offers such a range of benefits compared to on-premise EPOS systems. See how your restaurant can benefit from a cloud-based POS.

9 Proven Ways to Boost Sales This Valentine’s Day

Show some love to your business on Valentine’s Day in the form of increased cash flow. These tried and tested methods will have you swooning with happiness.

Restaurant Hospitality

Check out this highly useful blog for ideas on updating your food and drink menu items that follow industry trends.

screenshot of restaurant hospitality website

Our Top Picks:

On the growth path: 5 restaurant concepts to watch

See which restaurant concepts are set to grow in the near future and what you can do to keep your F&B business flourishing.

Flavor of the Week: Microgreens add a healthy touch

This trend has been taking the health world by storm. See how you can incorporate these hot, healthy and green items into your menu.

From bitters to brown ales, IPAs and porters, English beer styles bring their complex flavors to American bars and restaurants

The craft beer industry has seen huge growth in the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. See how you can capture craft beer enthusiasts!

Restaurant Engine

A great place for restaurant-related articles, free resources and guides that do a great job of letting you know how to better manage your restaurant operation.

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Our Top Picks:

How To Make the Most of Food Bloggers in Your Restaurant

Tap the blogosphere to increase awareness of your F&B business, whether you’re a restaurant, cafe, bar, and let bloggers run your PR.

Want to Improve Your Restaurant Marketing – Do This

Finding your audience is the key to success for any business and the only way that will happen is if people are aware of what you have to offer. See how you can leverage your resources to maximise your return on marketing activities.

Restaurant Waste – How to Cut Down on Plastics

Reducing unnecessary waste has multiple benefits for your restaurant, including cost-saving and improved perception from the public.

2nd Kitchen

Great content that’s easy to digest! Checkout their amazing restaurant blog that provides useful articles on all things hospitality!

screenshot of restaurant engine website

Our Top Picks:

7 Best Restaurant POS Systems for 2020

Read through their reviews of top restaurant point of sale software for a balanced view on EPOS, learning about the various systems along with their benefits and drawbacks.

Email Marketing for Restaurants & Bars: An Ultimate Guide

Learn the secrets to email marketing for your restaurant or bar in this well-written post that explains the basics of email marketing, why it’s useful, and the best way to start reaching your customers in this way.

How to Create a Killer Restaurant Training Manual

Discover how you can create an amazing training manual for your business with this comprehensive guide.

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