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Customer Relationship Management

tillpoint epos customer relationship management

Our powerful CRM system contains a host of useful features and was designed to hold an enormity of information to improve all aspects of customer relations. Quickly create individual or business customer accounts with considerable data options. The dedicated fields cover a wide array of information, enabling you to really understand your consumers.

Should you require a specific piece of information regarding your customers, something that our preset fields don’t cover by default, you can easily create custom fields, limitlessly extending your data capturing abilities. These fields can be customised to store any kind of information.

Understanding Your Customers

Customer Reporting & Insights

Enjoy comprehensive access to customer reports, with total expenditures, most popular items and common payment methods, providing you with a better understanding of what your customers want. Tillpoint analyses and processes large amounts of raw data to provide you with significant insights into your customers, products and more!

Data-Backed Decision Making

Keep a close eye on your customers with Tillpoint; see their entire account activity at the quick touch of a button, such as sales, returns, payment methods and more! The collection and analysis of this data gives invaluable insights into your customers’ buying behaviour.

tillpoint epos customer understanding your customerstillpoint epos customer understanding your customers

Improve Customer Experience

Build and Spread Loyalty

tillpoint epos customer build and spread loyaltytillpoint epos customer build and spread loyaltytillpoint epos customer build and spread loyalty

Improved Customer Engagement

Create long-lasting customers through the use of Tillpoint’s loyalty features, actionable in the POS and completely customisable by you. Boost sales, keep customers happy, and drive repeat business. The offering of loyalty rewards also allows you to collect a range of valuable data regarding your customers. Tillpoint helps you discover the types of incentives that drive business.

Powerful POS Promotions

With a variety of features that help promote brand loyalty, from loyalty programs and bespoke offers to highly customisable gift card and punch card plans, Tillpoint provides you with the tools to find new ways of keeping your customers happy and satisfied. All promotions can quickly be accessed and actioned in the point of sale.

Generate Repeat Business

Create and implement multiple gift card and punch card plans, bespoke offers and a comprehensive loyalty scheme. All are easy-to-use and completely customisable, giving you unbeatable flexibility in the promotions you wish to run.

Customer Management Made Easy

Easily manage large numbers of customers with different requirements through Tillpoint. The preset fields enable you to successfully maintain customer settings, including tax exemptions, contraindications, customer grouping and more.

Enhance Customer Relations

tillpoint epos customer features to enhance customer relationstillpoint epos customer features to enhance customer relationstillpoint epos customer features to enhance customer relationstillpoint epos customer features to enhance customer relations

Organised Customer Communication

Maintain a complete and organised record of all communication between you and your customers. Document any type of communication, such as post, phone call or SMS message, the subject matter of that interaction, and the time and date in which it took place. Keeping a thorough history of all communication helps staff keep customers happy.

Connect Customers to POS Transactions

The CRM lets you to add on-account credit and transaction limits, permanent discounts, and alerts, things which allow for streamlined ordering by optimising customer purchases. This information appears to servers when connecting customers to POS transactions.

Rated Excellent by Our Customers

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Customer Marketing & Engagement

tillpoint epos customer marketing engagementtillpoint epos customer marketing engagement

Customer Marketing Management

Select preferred marketing methods in order to correctly reach your customers and enhance engagement. Set the method, frequency, and contact preference for each customer, enabling you to fine-tune your approach and market your products and services in a way that makes your clients happy.

Engage with Your Customers on Social Media

Save your customers’ social media accounts through the dedicated customer social media page, providing you with access to important line of communication between you and your clients.

Contact Customer Directly Through Email and SMS

Send emails or SMS messages directly through Tillpoint to let them know of upcoming offers, events and items, to get feedback on previous purchases, or to send them e-receipts instead of wasting printing paper.

Key CRM Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Unlimited Customers

There is no upper-limit to the number of customers you can have in the customer list.

Custom Print Templates

Create a variety of templates for printing customer information.

Customer Types

Add individuals or businesses, giving you the flexibility to create a comprehensive customer database.

Group Customers

Create a range of groups to which you can add your customers, separating your customer base, allowing for more targeted marketing.

Alerts & Contraindications

Save every piece of important information for all your customers, including dietary requirements, food allergies or any other alerts that should be be made known to staff.

Custom Customer IDs

Give your customers unique IDs, making them easily searchable in the customer list.

Customer Tags

Assign tags to certain customers, which show at POS after adding the customer to an order, letting the cashier know of any special information or instruction.

Comprehensive Data Capturing

Save all kinds of customer information, with data fields covering everything from nickname to time zone.

Contact Preferences

Select the way in which each customer prefers to be contacted, allowing you to better target your clients.

Tax Exemptions

Select for which taxes customers are exempt, with the added ability of adding the reason why, and supporting document images.

Staying Social

Dedicated fields for customer social media profiles.

Customer Card Numbers

Give each customer a unique card number, allowing you to introduce physical cards for membership, promotional or sales purposes.

Permanent Discounts

Add permanent discounts for those special customers, automatically being applied whenever they make a purchase.

Set Credit Limits

Set on account credit limits for each of your customers, allowing them to place a certain amount of their purchase on their personal account.

Transaction Limits

Establish limits regarding the amount a customer may spend in one transaction.

Customer Marketing

Select the ways in which your customers preferred to receive marketing material.

Search Keywords

Add custom search keywords for your customers, enabling you to find each one in a matter of seconds.

Custom Fields

Create a variety of highly customisable custom fields, expanding data capturing abilities to meet even the most specialist of needs

Customer Loyalty Program

Design a loyalty program for your customers, allowing them to earn redeemable loyalty points with each transaction.

Punch Cards

Create a range of punch card plans, enabling your customers to collect punches and redeem them for items.

Gift Cards

Connect purchased gift cards to customer accounts, letting them purchase items when they please.

Memos & Communication

Add detailed memos in order to document customer communication and activity.


Send emails or SMS messages to your customers, direct from the app.

Customer Orders

View the orders connected to each customer’s account, including order details, total expenditure and outstanding amounts.

Account Activity

See in-depth account activity for each of your customers.

Interconnected Design

All modules within Tillpoint are connected to one another, allowing for a seamless and complete business application.

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All CRM Features

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Unlimited Customer Profiles

Integrated Help Centre

Comprehensive Search

Customisable Column Titles

Custom Print Templates

Customer Timeline

Sort Feature

Add Individual & Business Customers

Customisable Basic Data Fields

Customer Photos

Multiple Titles

Customer Grouping

Alerts / Contraindications

Customer Tags

Unique Customer IDs

Extensive Data Capturing

Multiple Taxes

Save Document Images

Social Media Slots

Customer Card Numbers

Permanent Discounts

Time Zone Select

Customer Credit Limits

Transaction Limits

Customer Notes

Marketing Preferability

Search Keywords

Custom Fields

Point of Contact Info

Intuitive Design

Loyalty Program

Customer Punch Cards

Gift Cards

Create Customer Memos

Full Account Activity

Send Emails from App

Send SMS Messages from App

Interconnected Design

Highly Customisable

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