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Inventory Management

tillpoint epos inventory management

Tillpoint allows you to keep a comprehensive amount of information on your items, breaking down your inventory into four item types: Product, Service, Package, and Matrix.

If the expansive data fields don’t already cover the information you require, perhaps something specific to your business or industry, creating a custom field can be done in an instant, extending your data capturing abilities to meet your individual needs.

Gain Advantages Through Automation

Unparalleled Stock Control

Not only can you track your items, group them together and designate sale and inventory locations; the system will also manage stock control, letting you know exactly when item quantities are becoming low and new stock needs to be ordered!

Auto-Deduct Feature

Real-time inventory management is now possible through the automatic deduction of ingredients and materials, from inventory, when an item, or an item which is part of a package or matrix, is sold through the POS or invoice modules.

tillpoint epos inventory catagorise your inventory with ease

Complete Data Capturing for Inventory Items

Easy EPOS Cost Control

tillpoint epos inventory easy cost controltillpoint epos inventory easy cost controltillpoint epos inventory easy cost controltillpoint epos inventory easy cost control

Multiple Item Pricing Types

Set multiple types of pricing for your items: Standard, Open, Variable and Bulk. This allows for a great deal of flexibility and control when it comes to how, and under what conditions, you sell your items. All pricing settings will be reflected and shown in the POS.

Multi-Tax EPOS Features

You can set, override and remove multiple taxes for each of your items or for entire invoices; a feature which comes in handy when selling overseas. Taxes can also be overridden or deactivated in the POS, providing you with a high level of control over how you sell.

POS Pricing Control

Add refunds, discounts, deposits and more; we aim to provide you with the widest array of options, granting you the freedom to run your business your way

Choose When to Sell

Options for item availability are extensive, giving you an unparalleled level of choice; have items available for sale from several times per day, with intermittent periods of unavailability, to days where they are completely unavailable - it’s up to you. Items made unavailable will not be saleable in the POS or Invoices modules.

Complete Inventory Management

tillpoint epos inventory complete inventory managementtillpoint epos inventory complete inventory managementtillpoint epos inventory complete inventory managementtillpoint epos inventory complete inventory management

Record All Stock Activity

Tillpoint allows you to keep a thorough record regarding the stock activity of each item stored in inventory.

Comprehensive Inventory Cataloguing

Catalogue the entirety of your products, packages and services, optimising and simplifying inventory management processes.

Add-ons and Modifiers

Modifiers can be added to items in the POS and can be set to increase or decrease the value of the product. Inventory items and non-inventory items may be used as modifiers, eliminating the need to have redundant items, particularly those that cannot be sold by themselves, unnecessarily taking up space in your inventory.

Stock Regulation

tillpoint epos inventory stock regulationtillpoint epos inventory stock regulation

Full Control Over Stock

Manage inventory items and track stock with pinpoint accuracy. The ability to manually adjust the quantity of products logged in your inventory helps maintain an accurate account of items and is particularly useful when combating stock count errors, loss, and other general wastage.

Interconnected Accounting of Inventory

Having a broad overview allows you to easily manage a multitude of items. Every product is connected to an account in the Accounting module and therefore has a unique representative value. With this information you can see accurate quantities of items, plus their total combined value.

Stocktake Reminders

Set a frequency in which the stock of an item should be checked. Every tangible product added to your inventory is connected to both Accounting and Purchases, with the latter module informing you of which items are running low on stock and need to be reordered. Item quantities decrease every time they are sold in the POS, ensuring no discrepancies in stock levels.

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Catagorise Your Inventory with Ease

tillpoint epos inventory complete inventory managementtillpoint epos inventory complete inventory managementtillpoint epos inventory complete inventory management

Quickly Create Categories and Subcategories

The accessible user interface allows business owners to change the availability of a category at the quick touch of a button. Categories can be supplemented with as many subcategories as needed, allowing you to be meticulous and creative when classifying inventory items.

Precisely Catalogue Your Items

You can choose from a range of options regarding the information you want included alongside the item in the product catalogue, providing a high level of control over what your customers see.

Data Fields for Any Requirement

With useful data fields which are displayed in the POS, such as product alternatives and upsell prompts, or more specialised information, such as the ability to input the season for which the item was designed, your products will be comprehensively catalogued, reducing any unnecessary complexity of inventory management.

Key Inventory Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you whatever your requirements.

Unlimited Items

Add as many items as you like to your inventory, without the worry of an upper limit.

Multiple Item Types

Product, service, package and matrix items may be added to your inventory, providing total control over your stock.

Inventory Categories

Create a variety of categories and subcategories in which to place your items.

Inventory Transfers

Quickly transfer items from one location to another, helping to maintain an accurate account of stock location.


Complete stocktakes at the tap of a button, ensuring meticulous recording of stock items.

Barcode Scanning

Find the details of an item in your inventory at lightning speed by scanning its barcode.

Stocktake Management

All completed, held, active and deleted stocktakes are saved to your list of stocktakes, available to view at any time.

Custom Print Templates

Create bespoke printing templates for printing your items, stocktakes, product details, stock activity and more.

Inventory Adjustment

Quickly adjust the quantity of items in your inventory, enabling you to accommodate for stock count errors, returns and shipping inaccuracies.

Inventory Waste

Log inventory wastage in order to maintain an accurate account of stock, enabling users to quickly adjust for missing stock and other general wastage.

Item Stock Activity

See the detailed history of stock activity for any item in your inventory.

Matrix Items

Add matrices of your items which creates different categories of attributes and values, removing the need to duplicate the same item again and again.

Create Bespoke Packages

Mix two or more of your items to create wonderful packages for your customers.

Unlimited Data Capturing

Data fields for every piece of information related to the item being added, from product descriptions to upsell items.

Multiple Item Units

Input the item’s purchase, inventory and sell units, with an ability to add further units to meet the requirements of any business.

Diversified Pricing

Add a variety of pricing to your items, including standard, open, variable and bulk, giving you total control over how your items may be sold.

Item Modifiers

Add modifiers to alter, or add something to, an item, automatically changing its total cost.

Set Commission

Choose if staff should receive commission for certain items, adding an amount in percentage or value, with an option to auto-apply.

Margin Calculator

After adding the ingredients, materials and costs, plus expenses and labour, the system will auto-calculate margins based on the data it is fed.

Stocktake Frequency

Set a time for each item when its stock should be checked, for which the system will auto-adjust inventory and accounting accordingly.

Item Availability

Set the conditions under which an item is available for purchase, including time, date, order type, minimum order quantity and more.

Tags, Keywords & Essential Info

Add tags and keywords to your items to make them easily searchable in your inventory and POS.

Multiple Taxes

Add multiple taxes to items, with default values and override values, enabling easy selling of items in different regions and countries.

Item Attributes

Create and add a variety of item attributes for each product, giving your customers all the information needed to feel confident in making a purchase.

Multi-Language Support

Add translations of your items and descriptions in as many languages as you like, enabling you to sell to a variety of people with ease.

Custom Fields

Create an unlimited amount of custom fields, affording users to capture any and all information.

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All Inventory Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Unlimited Categories & Subcategories

Unlimited Items

Comprehensive Pricing Options

Multiple Item Images

Custom Item Codes

UPC & EAN Barcode Fields

Colour Code Items

Unique Purchase, Inventory & Sell Units

Add a Variety of Measurement Units

Customisable Unit Conversion Formulas

Add Default Costs for Items

Select Whether Items Are Refundable

Choose Whether Items Are Discountable

Add a Maximum Discount for Items

Set Refund Messages for Staff

Add Various Modifiers to Items

Set Item Commission Amounts

Extensive Shipping Options

Add Shipping Attributes for Items

Input Shipping Handling Fees

Add Ingredients, Materials and Costs for Item

Note Labour & Expenses of Each Item

Item Margin Calculator

Choose Markup Amounts for Items

Add Stock & Non-Stock Items

Set Stocktake Frequencies

Choose Reorder Alert Points for Items

Select Reorder Target Levels

Group Items by Bin #

Set Item Locations

Comprehensive Item Availability Options

Min. & Max. Order Quantities

Set Preparation Time

Next Delivery Date Field

Add Custom Receipt Names

Pick Item Info for Product Catalogue

Item Search Keywords, Tags & Essential Info

Item Shelf Life Options

Save Item Manufacturer Codes

Add Item Branding Information

Multiple Item Taxes

Apply Tax Override Values

Establish Item Attributes

Create Notes for Items

Set Checkout Messages for Staff

Add Collection Notes

Provide Product Alternatives

Include Upsell Items

Basket Groups for Items

Multi-Language Support

Create a Variety of Custom Fields

Duplicate Items

Responsive Interface

Add Matrices of Items

Create Item Packages

Build Pre-Packed Packages

Add Service Items to Inventory

Quick Inventory Transfers

Log the Moving of All Items

View, Search & Filter All Inventory Transfers

Custom Print Templates

Perform Stocktakes

Search & Filter Through Previous Stocktakes

Sort Stocktakes by Any Criteria

Manipulatable Column Titles

Barcode Scanning

Schedule Stocktakes

Save Performed Stocktake Date & Time

Pause Stocktakes

Integrated Help Guide

Adjust Inventory Item Quantities

Log Inventory Waste

View Item Stock Activity

Recover Deleted Items and Categories

Hide Items and Categories from POS

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