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Order Management

tillpoint epos order management

Organising your POS transactions is simple with Tillpoint, even when you’re performing hundreds or thousands of transactions per week. Easily manage large quantities of orders of various types across multiple locations.

All orders made through the POS can be viewed in the Orders module. The intuitive user interface allows you to comfortably view and manage all taken orders, with the added ability of being able to filter through and sort orders in a variety of different ways.

Centralised POS Orders

Consolidate Your Transactions

tillpoint epos total order management

Total Order Management

Easily manage sales and customer care, with easy options for voiding, returning and exchanging sold items. All of this information is collected and analysed by the reporting module, creating detailed sales insights which clearly show your best selling items and most loyal customers.

View Transaction History

All orders made in the POS can be viewed in the Orders page, allowing you to search for specific transaction to see which items were purchased, if they were connected to a customer account, and which staff member completed the sale.

Benefits of a Modular EPOS System

tillpoint epos order management benefit of a modular systemtillpoint epos order management benefit of a modular system

A Complete Point of Sale System

Each Tillpoint module is dedicated to running a different facet of business operation, including the POS, Customer and Accounting. All modules are included in every subscription plan and provide you with a complete business management and EPOS system, with enhanced speed, reliability and security.

Insights from Sales Data

The orders module saves all transactions from the point of sale, with all orders processed being automatically saved for later viewing. All sales made in the EPOS are also processed in the reports module, where you can see detailed insights into your sales data.

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Key Order Management Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Refund & Return Items

Effortlessly refund or return items, and do so in a number of ways, more than just in cash or by card. Add the value of the order to the customer’s account, give them a gift card, or award the equivalent amount in loyalty points.


All orders made in the POS will automatically appear here, enabling meticulous order management.


Void orders at the tap of a button, resulting in all stock items automatically returning to your inventory, with all affected accounts reversed.

Comprehensive Search & Filter

Find specific orders in a matter of moments using the extensive search capabilities.


View the changes of any given order, with the ability to see which staff member initially put the transaction through, when it was completed, if items were returned and more.

Custom Print Templates

Design a variety of highly customisable templates for printing or emailing order information.

Email Orders In-App

Quickly email orders without having to close the Tillpoint app.

Switch Staff

Was one of your staff members logged in to the wrong staff profile while making a sale? No problem. Switch the staff member, connecting them to the sales they made.

In-App Help

Every page has its own help guide, accessible directly from within the page by tapping the question mark icon.

Unlimited Orders

There is no limit to the number of orders you can store in your order list, ready to be viewed at any time.

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All Order Management Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Multiple Viewing Modes

In-App Help Guide

Modular Design


Custom Print Templates

Extensive Search & Filter

Order Sort

Timeline Data


Switch Staff

Refund Items

Multiple Refund Payment Methods

Return Items

Auto-Return Stock

Void Account Reversal

Multiple Printing Options

Email Orders In-App

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