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The Complete Point of Sale System

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The user-interface is simple yet powerful, containing key features that optimise order-taking. The default POS layout has carefully been designed so that cashiers will find operation familiar and easy-to-use, aiding in the transition from an older system. To further supplement this, dedicated buttons that streamline the process of completing sales transactions have been added to the POS, making work easier and more efficient for existing staff members and new hires.

Experience the immediate benefits afforded through specialised features, designed for improved POS speed and convenience. Staff can effortlessly hold multiple sales for a later time, add specific charges to transactions, apply special promotions, view all recent and preceding orders, and more, directly from the point of sale.

An Interconnected EPOS System

A Complete Business System

Tillpoint is an interconnected EPOS system, being comprised of several modules, all of which are powerful in their own right, and may be thought of as individual apps, working collectively to form a seamless and complete business management system. The EPOS and Inventory modules, for example, work as a synergy, as anything added to your inventory, including all pricing and availability information, is automatically added to the point of sale, ready for you to start selling.

Built for Reliability

Using a single application to handle such inextricably linked functions of your business provides more than just convenience, it provides a far greater scope of reliability. Attempting to make multiple applications, designed by separate vendors, to function as one, lack reliability, security and accountability. Tillpoint contains everything you need in a single system.

tillpoint epos pos interconnected systemtillpoint epos pos interconnected system

Straightforward POS Interface for Improved Workflow

Multiple POS Payment Methods

tillpoint epos pos multiple payment methodstillpoint epos pos multiple payment methodstillpoint epos pos multiple payment methodstillpoint epos pos multiple payment methods

Take Payments in More Than One Way

Tillpoint houses an abundance of useful and pragmatic features. In the POS module, for example, there are several payment options aside from the standard cash, card, and cheque, to more specialised methods, such as the use of loyalty points, punch cards, gift cards, and an on account alternative.

Split Bills

You can quickly split a bill in a number of ways, without being restricted to just dividing the bill over equal amounts, unlike the majority of traditional EPOS systems - even dedicated point of sale software. Quickly split bills by customer, individual items, item quantities, or by total order value.

On Account

Connect customers to POS transactions allowing them to place the value of their order on their personal customer account, enabling them to pay for products at a later time.

Complete POS Control

There are dedicated buttons in the point of sale that enable users to effortlessly split bills, give discounts, and add tips. Staff members can also override item tax amounts, consolidate items in the receipt, and take donations to support charities or organisations, directly from the POS.

Send and Receive Messages in POS

tillpoint epos pos send and receive messagestillpoint epos pos send and receive messages

In-App Messaging for Staff

The in-app messaging system enables staff to maintain an open line of communication without leaving the POS, allowing you to send and receive messages instantly. This is highly useful when staff need to be notified of an urgent problem or when a manager needs to be kept informed on any ongoing situation that need monitoring.

Solve Issues Quickly

Send a message to a single staff member or all at once. Everyday messages can be saved as selectable templates within the message pop-up window. Messages sent from the POS can be used as quick notifiers between point of sale staff. Messages can also be sent and received within the staff module which are also received at the point of sale.

End of Day Reporting

tillpoint epos pos manage multiple cash registerstillpoint epos pos manage multiple cash registers

Control Cash Flow

Every payment made into and out of the tills is recorded, giving you a complete and accurate report of your finances and stock. When closing tills at the end of day, the system will generate a Z report which can be auto-emailed to managers or business owners.

Minimise Losses and Discrepancies

Any transaction made in the POS will be logged and the items accounted for. The Tillpoint system is highly conducive for efficient business operation as you are not required to input the same data across several applications.

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Cloud-Based EPOS Software

tillpoint epos pos cloud based softwaretillpoint epos pos cloud based software

Functional POS Buttons

Tillpoint was designed with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of business operations, particularly the point of sale. Users can now perform small, simple tasks in the point of sale that would be very difficult to complete using other systems, such as maintaining accurate accounts when refunding items.

Flexible and Mobile

The flexibility afforded by mobile POS systems allow you to take orders from anywhere. Simply pick up your mobile device, manoeuvre around your store or restaurant without restriction and serve customers on-the-go.

Designed by Industry Experts

Quickly scan items, add notes to the invoice for internal use, or add notes to the receipt for the customer. A range of dedicated buttons are present in the point of sale, such as switching users, tills, salespeople and account managers, make completing POS transactions easy.

Work Offline

An internet connection isn’t required for the app to maintain core functionality. All POS transactions are saved to the device and as soon as an internet connection is re-established, that data will be uploaded to the cloud and synced. This allows for a remarkable level of flexibility, allowing for temporary pop-up shops and other remote working possibilities.

Key Point of Sale Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Intuitive User Interface

Created with the user in mind, the POS was designed to be user-friendly without sacrificing functionality.

Customisable Layout

The point of sale can be customised to better suit the user’s requirements and individual needs.

Connect Customers to Orders

Effortlessly add your saved customers to transactions, enabling them to earn loyalty points, and punches for their punch cards.

Comprehensive Search

Quickly find items through filtering by category, keyword or name, or just simply scan the item’s barcode.

Direct Table Ordering

Connect orders directly to each table, with auto-updating of table statuses, affording users a seamless POS experience.

In-App Messaging

Send and receive messages without leaving the point of sale, providing a constant and reliable line of communication between staff.

Split Bill

Unlike other apps, Tillpoint’s split bill feature is comprehensive, allowing users to split by item quantity or value, and not just in equal amounts.

Barcode Scanning

Scan barcodes using your iPad’s camera or easily connect an external scanner.

Custom Fields

Create a variety of custom fields to be added to the POS page, allowing you to capture specific sales, customer or staff data.

Full Till Control

Effortlessly switch between users, tills, salespeople and more, with the added ability to quickly pay money into, or take money out of, the cash register.

Custom Print Templates

Create a variety of bespoke print templates, customised to meet your specific business needs.

Hold Orders

Does one customer from the group need a little more time? No problem. Hold the order and return to it when ready.

Send Orders to a Secondary Printer

Send orders to a printer in the kitchen or stockroom, letting staff know which items must be prepared.

Quick Cash, Quick Card

The quick payment options allow you to process payments at lightning speed, providing fast and efficient service to your customers.

Customer Promotions

Create detailed and highly customisable promotions, special offers and more, keeping customers happy.

Pricing Control

Changing item prices and applying discounts, to either individual items or the whole basket, can be done instantly, but only by staff given sufficient authorisation.

Tax Override

Disable or override tax values for any or all items in the POS basket.

Item Modifiers

Add modifiers to items which add to or alter, the product in some way, with any extra charges automatically being added.

Staff Commission

Choose which products staff should receive commission for, creating an incentive for employees to sell goods in higher volumes or value.

Industry Specific

The POS page will adjust itself based on the system mode, whereby layout and selectable buttons will cater to the preferred industry; hospitality or retail.

No, Lite, Extra & Side

These dedicated buttons make adding food items, which typically vary in terms of ingredients and extras, a smooth and seamless experience.

Loyalty Program

Set up a bespoke loyalty program, completely customisable to the needs of your business, and allow your customers to pay for items and services using earned loyalty points.

Punch Cards

Create punch cards to be used by your customers, allowing them to redeem items for free.

Gift Cards

Give your customers another way to pay for their items by creating and selling gift cards.

On Account Function

This feature allows your customers to place the value of purchased items on their account, which they can then pay for at a later date.

Service Charge

Add, edit and remove service charge at the quick touch of a button.

Donation Accounts

Create donation accounts for charities, organisations and special campaigns, providing an easy way for your customers to donate to those in need.


This is what separates Tillpoint from all other business apps. Each module is interconnected, providing a secure, reliable and complete business management solution.

Payment Options

Allow you customers to pay for their goods in a number of ways including card, cash, cheque, gift cards and more.

Taking Tips

A dedicated tip button helps facilitate easy tip taking.


Launch the calculator applet to work out difficult maths sums in a flash.

Customisable Categories

Create various categories for your items and arrange them in any way that suits your liking.

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All Point of Sale Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Responsive User Interface

Intuitive Design

Multiple Order Types

Integrated Help Guide

Connectivity & Battery Status Icons

Comprehensive Item Lookup

Customisable Parent Categories

In-App Messenger

Favourites Category

Personalised Order Numbers

Table Map Interconnectivity

Connect Customers to Orders

Barcode Scanning

Split Bill

Direct Ordering

Tax Breakdown

Custom Fields

Switch Between Users & Tills

Change Salesperson

Assign Account Managers to Orders

Add Sale Notes

Include Receipt Notes for Customers

Hold Orders

Send Orders

Quickly Add Charges

View Held Orders

Quick Card

Quick Cash

Add Promotion Codes

Activate Customer Offers

Send Order Messages to Staff

Add Preset Order Messages


Full Till Control

Pay Money Out / In

Open Cash Register

Interconnected Accounting

Multiple Item Views

Left-Handed Support

Customisable POS Layout

Add Line Notes to Specific Items

Quantity Control

Easy Pricing Adjustment

Price Change Reason Field

Apply Discounts by Percentage or Value

Discount Reason Field

No, Lite, Extra and Side Buttons

Add Item Modifiers

Staff Commission

Tax Override and Deactivation

Customer Loyalty Program

Pay with Loyalty Points

Redeem Punches from Punch Cards

Pay with Gift Cards

Customer On Account Feature

Pay via Cheque

Add or Remove Service Charge

Dedicated Tip Button

Donation Accounts

Pay by Card

Pay with Cash

Order Difference Printing

Consolidation of Items

Include or Exclude Inclusive Taxes

Hide Certain Categories

Selectable Split Icon

Customisable Split Name

Group Items in Baskets

Quick Discount Buttons

Custom Print Templates

Your Basket

View Basket