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tillpoint epos product catalogue

Tillpoint’s product catalogue is dedicated to showing off your best products and services without the worry of item information being accidentally altered by prospective (or cheeky) customers. You can use the product catalogue to electronically display your hottest items to customers.

Every item added to your inventory will automatically appear in the product catalogue, ready for you to show to your customers. Tillpoint is a modular business system, meaning it’s made up of several modules which work in conjunction with one another to form an extremely powerful and complete application.

Complete Catalogue Management Software

Optimise Your Store

Setting up a few iPads around your store, locked to display the product catalogue page, allows your customers the option of finding product information without help from sales assistants, reducing the workload of shop floor staff!

Improved Brand Perception

Having new tech around your store is not only efficient in reducing workload, it’s also uncommon and will gain attention from customers. An in-store electronic product catalogue adds something different to your store and brand.

tillpoint epos product cataloguetillpoint epos product catalogue

Key Product Catalogue Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Showcase Products & Services

Allow your customers to view your items in great detail, in a place where item information cannot be edited.

Comprehensive Search

Quickly find an item in your inventory, being able to search via name, description, or item code.

Multiple Inventory Categories

All categories created in inventory can be displayed in the product catalogue.

Hide Items & Categories

Choose which items and categories are displayed, hiding the ones you don’t want your customers to see.

Homepage Sliders

Create a range of custom sliders, perhaps used to promote special items or offers, which will be shown to your customers as the browse.

Multiple Viewing Modes

Select which viewing mode is best suited to display your items.

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All Product Catalogue Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

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