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With a wide range of promotional features, all of which can be customised to meet a variety of needs, you’ll be able to quickly create loyalty programs, punch cards, special offers and gift cards, all of which are actionable in the POS.

Create detailed loyalty programs with varied selections and rules for earning points, exclusions, collection tiers for rewards and more. The straightforward user interface is simple to use and quick to master!

Develop Brand Loyalty with Tillpoint

Drive Repeat Business

Reward your customers with bespoke, in-depth loyalty programs, which can be easily created in minutes, ready to be actioned in the POS. Reward systems encourage your customers to return to your store, driving repeat business.

Keeping Customers Happy with Promotions

Getting repeat business starts with a satisfied customer, which is why business owners should do everything in their power to keep their consumers happy. Utilise the expansive promotional features, including gift cards, bespoke offers and punch cards to reward your customers for their business.

tillpoint epos promotions develop brand loyaltytillpoint epos promotions develop brand loyalty

Reward Your Customers

Punch Cards

tillpoint epos promotions punch cardstillpoint epos promotions punch cardstillpoint epos promotions punch cards

Reward Customer Spending

Punch cards can be created and tailored to meet the needs of any group. For example, punch cards can be made available to certain staff members, customers, or even made exclusively for specific types of customers, it’s completely up to you! The high level of customisation lets you easily create the plan that works for your store.

Extensive Promotion Customisation

Choose from a slew of options the rules, targets, available dates and more, to set up the way in which you want your punch card to function. Create as many as you like, the promotions module allows you to effortlessly manage a large number of punch cards with relative ease. You can then begin using your punch cards in the POS.

Gift Cards

tillpoint epos promotions gift cardstillpoint epos promotions gift cardstillpoint epos promotions gift cardstillpoint epos promotions gift cards

Gift Cards for All Occasions

Gift cards are a hugely popular gift item. These prepaid cards or voucher codes are only valid at your store, you’ve already made a sale! Implementing the use of gift cards can substantially boost the amount of customers drawn into your business, particularly around public holidays!

Tailored Offers for Your Customers

Select the design of your gift card through preset templates, or, if you’d like, create your very own! Use the breadth of design options to create a card that really compliments your brand, something that’s instantly recognisable and something which will connect with the type of customers you wish to attract.

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Offers for All Occasions

tillpoint epos promotions offers for all occasionstillpoint epos promotions offers for all occasions

Customer Promotions

Whether it’s Black Friday, Christmas, or the beginning of January sales, you can create extensive offers custom to the circumstance. Should you wish to carry out an impromptu sale, just open the promotions module and quickly create your very own offer plan!

Intelligent Offers

Offers can be heavily customised with options for just about everything, including discounts, specified dates within which offers appear, auto-apply features, and more. Any offers created and implemented here can automatically be actioned in the point of sale.

Offer Validity

Quickly set the availability of each offer by choosing the days the promotion can be applied, either automatically, by code or barcode in the POS. You can easily exclude offers from certain days throughout the week or specific dates.

Key Promotions Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Customer Loyalty Program

Set up a detailed loyalty program, exceptionally customisable to the needs of your business, and allow your customers to earn and spend loyalty points.

Reward Collection Tiers

Discover your most loyal customers by creating reward tiers, in which customers may be categorised based on the amount of points they accrue through purchasing your items.

Bespoke Offers

Offers can be created to meet any need, multiple types for any situation, with an extraordinary amount of options and customisation.

Promotion Codes

Apply offers quickly in the point of sale by entering its unique promotion code.

Gift Card Creation

Design a variety of personalised gift cards, which you can sell to your customers, to be used at your store.

Punch Card Plans

Create a range of highly customisable punch card plans, which can be used by your customers to redeem items and services.

Modular Interconnectivity

All modules within Tillpoint are connected to one another, ensuring security, reliability and convenience.

Exceptional Customisation

Each of the promotional features can be heavily customised to meet your individual business requirements.

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All Promotions Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program Image

Custom Loyalty Units

Set Loyalty Earning Rules

Minimum Order Value for Points

Spending Rule for Loyalty

Minimum Redeemable Point Amount

Set Maximum Number of Loyalty Points

Set Loyalty Earning Methods

Loyalty Point Expiration

Exclude Items or Customers for Loyalty Program

Reward Collection Tiers

Loyalty Terms & Conditions Field

Unlimited Offers

Auto Apply Feature

Multiple Offer Types

Highly Customisable Offers

Scan Offers by Barcode

Custom Promotion Codes

Multiple Offer Compatibility

Offer Priority

Custom Offer Target & Demographic

Extensive Offer Validity & Availability Settings

Add Offer Passwords

Offer Redemptions per Order Option

Create Gift Cards

Send Gift Cards by Email In-App

Custom Gift Card Number

Connect Customers to Gift Cards

Set Gift Card Admin Fees

Default Gift Card Value

Create Multiple Gift Card Templates

Gift Card Expiry Options

Multiple Gift Card Types

Exclude Items from Gift Card Purchases

Create Multiple Punch Card Plans

Set Punch Earning Rules

Multiple Punch Shape Icons

Choose Items Redeemable by Punches

Punch Card Target

Set Punch Card Availabilities

Punch Adjustment Options

Punch Card Expiry

Select How Punches are Collected

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