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Purchase Orders

tillpoint epos purchase orders

Create detailed and professional purchase orders in minutes, connecting your inventory items to saved suppliers. You can compare items from your preferred list of suppliers and view turnaround times to ensure your inventory is always fully stocked.

With a multitude of PO options you can enjoy superior control and flexibility over your business. The purchases module is connected to your inventory and your supplier list, streamlining the purchase ordering process.

Purchase Ordering Made Simple

Set Reminders and Low Stock Alerts

tillpoint epos purchase orders set reminders and low stock alertstillpoint epos purchase orders set reminders and low stock alerts

Payment Reminders

The handy calendar feature aids in purchase management, displaying delivery dates to overdue payments. These dates are automatically pulled and applied when creating purchase orders to send off to your suppliers, streamlining the ordering process.

Maintain Stock Levels

Set reorder alerts for items in your inventory, warning you when stock of a particular product is running low. All of these items appear in a list, with an option to automatically export the items to a purchase order, ensuring you consistently control stock quantities.

Purchase Order Management

tillpoint epos purchase orders managementtillpoint epos purchase orders management

Log Invoices and Payments

Log invoices from your suppliers for purchased items, record all payment methods and types, contact suppliers directly from Tillpoint via SMS or email, and register all received stock, which is automatically imported to your inventory.

Comprehensive PO Management

All purchase orders are saved and managed in the purchases module, allowing for easy, no-hassle organisation. Purchase orders can be viewed at any time and also have a duplicate feature for user convenience.

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Key Purchases Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Interconnected by Design

All modules within Tillpoint are interconnected, providing users with a seamless and complete business management tool.


A dedicated calendar designed to help you keep track of all payments and deliveries.

Low Stock List

Set reorder alert points for your inventory items, helping you maintain adequate levels of stock.

Unlimited Purchase Orders

Create and store an unlimited number of purchase orders without restriction.

Multiple Supplier Types

Create purchase orders citing a variety of suppliers as the source for goods, without being limited to using the Suppliers saved to your index.

Barcode Scanning

Scan item barcodes by using the device’s camera or external scanner to quickly add products to the purchase order.

Purchase Order Notes

Add custom notes to your purchases, saving any important or relevant information.

In-App Help Guide

Every page within Tillpoint has its own dedicated help page, guiding users as how to get the most out of every module.

Item Status, History & Comparison

View the status and history of each item, with the added ability of being able to check and compare previous purchases of the item against multiple suppliers.

Custom Print Templates

Create a range of templates to print or email purchase order information.

Log Invoices & Payments

Effortlessly log payments and invoices, with dedicated fields for the amount, date, account from which money is paid, and more.

Purchase Tracking

Maintain a complete record of purchase activity, including refunds, with fields for refund amounts and the account to which refunds are made.

Purchase Communication Management

Create detailed memos in order to document supplier communication and purchase activity.

In-App Contact

Send emails and SMS messages to your suppliers regarding specific purchase order, all directly from the app.

Manage Inventory

Use the dedicated buttons to log the receiving and returning of all stock, ensuring meticulous inventory management.


The intuitive design allows users to quickly master use of the app.

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Unlimited Purchase Orders

In-App Help Guide


Track Payments & Deliveries

Low Stock List

Set Reorder Alert Points for Items

Previous Purchase Information

Purchase Order Price Breakdown

Multiple Supplier Types

Custom Order Numbers

Various Payment Statuses

Order Date & Required Date

Dedicated Delivery Status Field

Add Inventory Items

Set Extra Purchase Charges

Barcode Scanning

Purchase Order Notes

Independent Supplier Support

Comprehensive Search & Filter

Customisable Print Templates

Purchase Order Invoicing

Refund Purchases

Multiple Payment Accounts

Purchase Order Memos

In-App Emailing

Send SMS Messages

Log Received & Returned Inventory

Duplicate Purchases

Void Purchases

Open Low Stock List as Purchase Order

Interconnected Design

Auto-Increase Inventory After Purchase

Set Default Purchase Status

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