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The Reports module collects and analyses large amounts of data from across the system, including sales transactions from the POS, customer spending, and supplier purchases, breaking it down into useful and actionable insights.

The advanced level of automation does the hard work for you, displaying only the most useful statistics based on the data it receives, including from the point of sale, inventory and accounting modules, helping you make decisions that drive growth.

Understanding Consumer Behaviour with Reporting

Optimise Your Sales Operation

The smart reporting system displays useful insights such as your top selling items, markup, and during which times items are purchased. Using this data you can discover optimal sale times and locations of each item in your inventory.

Total Inventory Control

Keeping track of a vast inventory is made easy through Tillpoint. Quickly view key metrics, such as real-time inventory levels, total combined value, and item wastage reports.

tillpoint epos report understanding consumertillpoint epos report understanding consumertillpoint epos report understanding consumer

Key Data Analysis

Detailed Customer Reporting

tillpoint epos report customertillpoint epos report customertillpoint epos report customer

Consumer Demographic Breakdown

Manage your clients using the Customers module, with all data entered collated and analysed as reports. Easily view total amount of active and inactive customers, your top spenders, most frequent visitors, and more, plus a meticulous breakdown of your consumer demographic.

Enhanced Customer Relations

See which clients are spending large amounts, or those who shop frequently at your business, and deserve dedicated account management. You can add detailed information for each of your customers, providing any your staff with the necessary information to present a personalised customer service.

Targeted Marketing

Using the comprehensive data the system collects, you can begin to learn in-depth about your customers’ wants and needs. This valuable information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns, allowing you to focus on very specific demographics within your customer base.

Supplier & Purchase Reports

tillpoint epos report supplier purchasetillpoint epos report supplier purchase

Customisable Reporting Interface

See reports in multiple viewing modes, such as through neatly designed bars and charts or through a more traditional list view. The system is flexible to suit your needs and preferences.

Discover the Best Suppliers

The reports module clearly outlines your top suppliers by analysing purchase order history, providing a breakdown of each supplier type, and includes your top and most frequent suppliers. This information can be used to identify supplier turnaround time and reliability.

Staff Reporting

tillpoint epos report stafftillpoint epos report staff

Track Staff Performance

See your top performing salespeople, customer acquisition by staff, and all other data regarding your employees, such as the monetary value each individual has brought to your business. Tillpoint’s smart reporting also displays the punctuality of each worker through collating information from the time clock, giving you the tools to effectively manage your employees.

Matching Skills to Appropriate Staff Roles

Staff members can be sorted and filtered in a variety of ways, from visa status and language abilities, to attendance record and employment status. Matching employees to suitable job roles is simple with Tillpoint.

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Boosting Business with Reports

tillpoint epos report boosting businesstillpoint epos report boosting businesstillpoint epos report boosting businesstillpoint epos report boosting business

Increasing Turnover with Sales Reporting

See which promotions have the greatest impact on customer engagement, which are the most cost-effective, and which bring the best ROI. The data offered in the promotions module can significantly boost sales and turnover.

Calculating Return on Investment

You can utilise the reports module in a number of ways, such as to determine the cost of filling a punch card against the potential outbound costs. These insights can aid in winning new customers and are available for any type of promotion you’d like to run.

Check Reports from Anywhere

Check your reports from anywhere by logging into the back office, enabling you to manage your business while on-the-go. All that's required is a device with a web broswer, including your iPad, tablet, PC and Mac.

Key Reports Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Interconnected Reporting

All data is collated and contained within Tillpoint, removing the need to integrate with other apps and risk unsecurely exporting sensitive information.

Easy to Understand

All information collected by the other modules is presented neatly in easy-to-understand charts, graphs and tables, with the addition of a comprehensive and filterable list view.

Sales Reports

The system captures all sales data, giving you keen insights into where your business is making the most profit.

Staff Reports

View multiple staff target campaigns and see which of your employees are the highest performers.

Customer Reports

Discover your top customers, most frequent clients, biggest spenders and much, much more.

Supplier Reports

See a breakdown of your suppliers, their activity and the items they specialise in supplying.

Customisable Print Templates

Create a range of customisable print templates for printing reporting data.

Comprehensive Filtering

Filter and sort the collected data in a number of ways, enabling you to optimise business operation.

All User Activity

View all Tillpoint activity, refinable by user, device and date, with the action performed, description, journal ID and more.

Device Log

The device log displays all sync data pertaining to that individual device, keeping you informed in terms of updates.

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