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Manage any number of reservations with Tillpoint. Sorting through a horde of reservations, both new and old, is fast and straightforward. You can filter reservations and set very specific search parameters in order to find exactly what they’re looking for in seconds.

All reservations are stored neatly in one place, enabling you to quickly view any reservations you or you employees have made. All data logged into the Tillpoint system, including reservations, are automatically saved and sent to the cloud, keeping them safe and secure.

Store All Item Reservation Data

Never Lose Important Information

We have included an enormity of options so you can log any and all relevant information. The expansive data fields are present across the application in all modules, including item reservations.

Create Custom Fields

Create custom fields to store all sorts of data in a variety of ways, including general text boxes, time and date boxes, or combo boxes. Say goodbye to the pen and paper.

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Key Item Reservation Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Unlimited Reservations

No limits or restrictions to the number of reservations you can create and store.

Custom Print Templates

Design a variety of highly customisable templates, used to print or email reservations to your customers.

Send Reservations by Email

Swiftly sent your reservations to your customer’s email address, all without leaving the Tillpoint app.

In-App Help Guide

Get the most out of every page with dedicated help, ensuring you’re never stuck as what to do next.

Connect Customers to Reservations

Add customers to reservations, enabling you to collect detailed reporting on your customer base.

Reservation Method & Status

Dedicated options for choosing the method in which the reservation was made, and the status of said reservation.

Custom Reservation Number

Managing a large number of reservations is easy with an ability to customise each reservation number.

Held Until Time & Date

Set a time and date by which a reservation will expire.

Multiple Addresses

Add addresses to cover both billing and shipping.

Import Inventory Items

Utilise Tillpoint’s modular design and quickly add items from your inventory to the reservation.

Multiple Discount Methods

Add discounts to items within the reservation, or to the reservation as a whole.

Override Tax Amounts

Remove or override taxes at the tap of a button.

Staff Commission

Reward your employees’ hard work with commission, incentivising future sales.

Custom Fields

Extend your ability to capture data by creating a range of highly customisable custom fields, ensuring you never miss out of necessary information.

Salesperson & Account Manager

Set the salesperson and account manager for each reservation.

Calculator Applet

Quickly work out maths sums in an instant with Tillpoint’s built-in calculator.

Multiple Payment Options

You may take full or partial payment for each reservation in a number of ways, more so than the standard methods of cash and by card, from redeeming loyalty points, to placing an amount on the customer’s account.

Pause Reservations

Hold active reservations and complete them at a later time.

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All Item Reservation Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Unlimited Reservations

In-App Help Guide

Custom Reservation Templates

Email Reservations to Customers

Comprehensive Search, Sort & Filter

Multiple Column Titles

Intuitive Design

Add Customers to Reservations

Custom Reservations Numbers

Personal Reservation Reference

Issue & Held Until Dates

Multiple Addresses

Import Items from Inventory

Add Images as Attachments

Override Taxes

Apply Discounts

Staff Commission

Take Full or Partial Payment

Multiple Payment Options

Take Tips

Pause Reservations

Select a Reservation Status

Set Reservation Status

Interconnected Design

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