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tillpoint epos staff management

Simplify staff management through Tillpoint, providing you with an abundance of features, such as timesheet scheduling, an interconnected time clock, and comprehensive data fields that enable you to document all employee information.

Designed for flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-use, the extensive data collection features allow you to store a great deal of information about your staff members, including the ability to create custom data fields to record any relevant information specific to your business.

Employee Timesheet, Time Clock and Payroll

Calculate Staff Costs with the Time Clock

The timesheet feature allows you to set the working hours for each employee and add them to shifts, with options to give time off, create notes, and more. The time clock logs whenever a staff member clocks-in and out, giving you precise information regarding the punctuality of each employee. The system can be set to automatically deduct salary equal to time lost from staff members who clock-in late for their shifts, and to add salary at varying rates for those working overtime.

Automated Payroll

Keep an accurate account of salaries through the Accounting which automatically creates a subledger account for each employee containing salary payable with a comprehensive breakdown of taxes, NI contributions, student loan deductions and more.

tillpoint epos staff employee timesheet time clocktillpoint epos staff employee timesheet time clock

Employee Management & Timesheet Scheduling

Define Roles & Set Staff Access

tillpoint epos staff define roles and staff accesstillpoint epos staff define roles and staff accesstillpoint epos staff define roles and staff access

Comprehensive Staff Data Capturing

There are dedicated data fields to store current job roles, employment status, holiday entitlement, benefit packages and more. You can also save documents in the form of images through either using the device’s camera or by selecting an image already saved.

Setting Working Times is Straightforward

Quickly select multiple roles, working hours and break times for your employees. Personal working times can be created in staff member's profile and general working shifts can be created to which any staff member can be added via the timesheet.

Restricting Staff Access Privileges

Set multiple access privileges for staff members, allowing varying degrees of control to supervisors or managers. You can choose to exclude staff members from certain parts of the system, for example, limiting the items they can sell, or services they are allowed to provide in the POS.

Secure Staff Data Management

tillpoint epos staff secure management of staff datatillpoint epos staff secure management of staff data

Quick Employee Data Retrieval

Manage employees with efficiency using the comprehensive staff list, enabling you to view all data regarding your workers. Quickly add, search and view staff members all at the quick touch of a button. This information is encrypted on your device and on the cloud and not accessible to anyone but you.

Official Documentation

Formal documents, such as passports, driving licenses, CVs, cover letters and more, can be added to staff member profiles, providing you with all the necessary information regarding employees. This kind of data can be used to establish the most appropriate working roles, times and career advancements.

Secure Visa Details

Use the provided fields dedicated for visa information, allowing you to easily store the necessary data on employees coming to work from abroad, such as visa type, start and end date, spoken languages, and more.

Packed with Useful Features

tillpoint epos staff packed with useful featurestillpoint epos staff packed with useful featurestillpoint epos staff packed with useful features

Boost Sales with Staff Targets

Set targets as a motivational tool, driving employees to make more sales and provide better service to customers. Quickly and easily set targets by item quantity, sales amount, and group targets for staff members.

In-App Messenger

The smart messaging system has been designed for quick and efficient in-house communication between employees. This lets staff maintain continued contact with one another, allowing for instant notification should anything go wrong, or certain workers need to be kept informed on an important matter. These messages can also appear in the POS.

Social Media Slots

Creating a comprehensive staff database, rich in employee information is now possible through Tillpoint - there’s even a page devoted entirely to employee social media profiles.

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Improve Staff Satisfaction

tillpoint epos staff protocols and emergencies

Personalised Working Conditions for Staff

You can rearrange the system layout to better suit the needs of employee - left-handed support, for example. Small adjustments that improve the conditions in which staff members operate ensure a comfortable working environment.

Protocols and Emergencies

We place high importance on employee safety and believe that every precaution should be taken to ensure the security of every worker. Tillpoint includes dedicated data fields for emergency contact information for every staff member.

Key Staff Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Unlimited Staff

There is no upper limit to the number of staff member profiles you may add.

Staff Reporting

See your top performing staff members, with the ability to filter results in a number of ways, through Tillpoint’s intelligent reporting.

Data Collection

Fields for every important piece of data, from employee ID number to emergency contact information.

Integrated Payroll

Include staff in payroll, automatically letting you know hours and owed amounts.

Internal Staff Messaging

Staff can send and receive messages without leaving the app.

Time Clock

Track the clock in and out times of every employee, promoting punctuality in the workplace.

Staff Roles

Input the role details of each staff member, including department in which they work, salary, overtime rates and more.

Staff Targets

Create detailed sales targets for your staff members based on overall value or item quantities.


Effortlessly add, edit and remove shifts in the timesheet page, with auto-calculation of total staff, total hours worked and total costs.

Official Documentation

Save scans of important documents to the app, from visas to CVs, with the ability to add document numbers, expiry dates and more.

Set Working Times

Create general or staff specific working hours, setting start and end times, their designated role, break times and more.

Access Privileges

Set individual login passcodes for each employee, and select for which areas within the app they are allowed access.

Usability and Comfort

Adjust the app according to the specific needs of each staff member, for example, changing the layout to better suit left-handed users.

Custom Fields

If Tillpoint’s extensive data capturing abilities do not meet your requirements, create a custom field to save specific pieces of information

Staff Memos

Create detailed memos in order to document staff activity and communication.

Contacting Staff

Send emails and SMS messages directly from the Tillpoint app, helping to maintain an open line of communication between you and your staff.

Account Activity

View in-depth account activity for every staff member.

Get Social

A dedicated area to input staff social profiles, with an ability to add fields for new and upcoming social media sites.

Page Help

Every page contains a question mark icon, and by tapping it a help page will be shown, giving a detailed guide on what to do.

Custom Print Templates

Create bespoke print templates for printing staff information.

Staff Commission

Add commission for items sold, creating an incentive for your staff to sell more.


Notes may be added to various parts within the app, such as to the staff member’s account, enabling you to record any, and all, important details.

Review Frequency

Set a time for which each employee should be performance reviewed.

Multiple Roles

Add staff as couriers, first aiders, fire marshals and more, allowing them to be chosen for tasks in addition to their typical day-to-day responsibilities.

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All Staff Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Unlimited Staff Profiles

Custom Staff Targets

In-App Messenger

Time Clock

Comprehensive Staff Search

Add Staff Photos

Custom Employee Numbers

Extensive Contact Detail Fields

Input Staff Spoken Languages

Fields for Qualifications and Training

Save Visa Information

Banking Info Fields

Staff Payment Type & Frequency

Select Staff Tax Codes

Choose Student Loan Repayment Type

Multiple Employment Statuses

Add Staff Holiday Entitlement

Numerous Salary Bases

Configurable Staff Overtime Rates

Custom Break Rate for Staff

Add Staff Social Media Profiles

Fields for Staff Emergency Contact Info

Input Staff Work History

Add Employee References

Save Official Staff Documents

Add Document Photos and Scans

Set Working Times

Choose Idle Time Out

Custom Employee Login Passcodes

Set Cash Accounts

Add Staff as Couriers

Add Staff as First Aiders

Add Staff as Fire Marshals

Flexible on Hours

Left-handed Functionality

Set Staff Review Frequency

Add Staff Notes

Create Unique Custom Fields

Create Bespoke Staff Print Templates

Detailed Staff Account Activity

Access Staff Clock In / Out Data

View Clock In / Out Staff Photos

Print Time Clock Data

Create Staff Memos

Add Custom Fields for Memos

Edit & Update Memos

Sort & Filter Staff Data

Customisable Column Titles

Send Emails In-App

Dedicated Customer Timeline

Add Timesheet Notes

Add General or Personal Shifts to Timesheet

Total Costs Auto Calculated in Timesheet

View Current Clock-In Status of All Staff

Send SMS Messages

Quickly Remove Timesheet Shifts

Total Hours Auto Calculated in Timesheet

Multi-select Timesheet Cells

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