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Stockroom Orders

tillpoint epos stockroom orders

As soon as orders are processed by a member of the customer service team at the till point, that order will be displayed in Stockroom Orders module, informing your staff which items to bring out or prepare.

The stockroom display removes the unnecessary and avoidable steps taken to get order information from the point of sale to the stockroom. Sales clerks are no longer required to leave their designated work area to inform stockroom assistants of which items must be brought out for the customer.

The Display System for Stockrooms, Storeroom and Warehouses

Send Orders to the Stockroom

tillpoint epos stockroom orders direct to the stockroom

Designed for Easy-Of-Use

All orders are neatly shown in the Stockroom Orders module which users can view and operate with ease. Staff may switch between two viewing modes, with the ability to mark orders as prepared, informing the sales clerk that the customer’s items are on their way.

Reduce Staff Training Time

The intuitive user-interface allows staff members to master use of Tillpoint quickly, reducing training costs and increasing overall business efficiency. Effortlessly see detailed order information, item modifiers and extra notes, as well as the ability to send messages with the in-app messenger, enabling your staff to maintain a stable line of communication.

Quicker Customer Service

tillpoint epos stockroom orders designed for easy of usetillpoint epos stockroom orders designed for easy of use

Direct to the Stockroom

Speed up your ordering process with our stockroom display system, reducing the amount of time your customers need to wait before receiving their items.

Pleasing Your Customer

Increasing the speed in which you process orders reduces the wait time for your customers, providing them with a fast and efficient service.

Rated Excellent by Our Customers

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5 Stars
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Key Stockroom Orders Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Efficient Ordering

Orders taken at the point of sale will be sent to a device in the stockroom, showing orders to stockroom staff the moment they are put through, increasing the speed of which customers receive their items.

Multiple Viewing Modes

The layout in which orders are displayed may be changed, either showed in a list view, or a ticket view, created to make it easy and quick to log orders as prepared.

Delay Threshold Timer

Set various colour-coded delay thresholds for each order, with the figures changing colour every time a new threshold is reached, visually letting stockroom staff know which orders must be given priority.

Interconnected Modular Design

Orders made in the POS will be shown here the very moment they are put through, saving on time and resources.

Custom Order Templates

Create a number of highly customisable templates which can then be used to print order information.

In-App Help Guide

Every page is preset with its own help guide, ensuring you can utilise the extensive functionality in every module.

Multiple Panels

Assign certain items to be prepared in certain areas, with the ability to view each area by switching panels.

Customisable Layout

Change the way in which orders appear to best suit your stockroom staff.

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All Stockroom Orders Features

All features are included in every subscription plan, use only what you need at no extra cost!

Multiple View Modes

Dedicated Prepared Button

In-App Help Guide

Filter Orders

Multiple Panels

Extensive Search & Filter

Diverse Column Titles

Order Timeline

WiFi Connectivity & Battery Status Icons

Customisable Print Templates

Personalised Layouts

Threshold Timer

Modular Interconnectivity

User-Friendly Design

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