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Supplier Management

tillpoint epos supplier management

View entire purchase history between you and your suppliers, including order dates, delivery status, purchase orders and more. This information can be used for determining the most reliable and capable suppliers for your business.

The supplier module is extremely detailed and comprehensive. You are able to easily see all previous account activity, including transactions, returned items, total expenditure and more. View a detailed history of each purchase order, the payment breakdown, including where money was debited, where it was credited, plus any tax amounts.

Extensive Supplier Data Capturing

Supplier Profiling

The preset data fields are detailed and extensive, being able to hold a great deal of information regarding each of your suppliers. Adding a comprehensive supplier profile is quick and straightforward, just choose from the large list of fields which information you wish to include. You’ll have a thorough, organised supplier list in no time at all.

Storing Supplier Data is Easy

Quickly create data fields to save any piece of information, however specific. Tillpoint can be customised to meet your unique set of business needs. Design a custom field in a way that most appropriately holds the information, whether that be in the form of a standard text box, to a date, time or combination data field.

tillpoint epos supplier extensive supplier data capturingtillpoint epos supplier extensive supplier data capturing

Consolidated Supplier Data

Convenience Through Automation

tillpoint epos supplier set preferred suppliers for itemstillpoint epos supplier set preferred suppliers for itemstillpoint epos supplier set preferred suppliers for itemstillpoint epos supplier set preferred suppliers for items

Set Preferred Suppliers for Items

Add basic information, such as the supplier’s business details, account information and shipping specifications, and also connect items in your inventory to a preferred supplier or suppliers. This allows for easy reordering of products, including a breakdown of cheapest supplier, quickest delivery times and minimum order quantities.

Supplier Transaction History

Tillpoint’s modules work together as one complete system, anything changed in one module will affect the others, streamlining your business operation. Any funds used to make purchases from suppliers will automatically be logged and processed in the Accounting module, giving you a complete history of supplier transactions.

Easy Stock Maintenance

tillpoint epos supplier easy stock maintenacetillpoint epos supplier easy stock maintenace

Set Reorder Alerts for Inventory Items

We’ve added features that make managing large numbers of inventory items easy, such as the ability to add an automatic reorder alert point for certain products when their stock numbers reach a particular threshold. These low stock items can quickly be added to a purchase order and emailed directly to your suppliers.

Designed for Ease-Of-Use

Manage multiple suppliers with Tillpoint, the complete EPOS system designed to be user-friendly and which automate many supplier functions. Effortlessly add, edit and delete suppliers, rearrange the position in which they appear in the supplier list, and select for which items they are the preferred supplier.

Supplier Communication Features

tillpoint epos supplier communicationtillpoint epos supplier communication

Contact Suppliers by Emails and SMS

Send emails with attached purchase orders or SMS messages directly from the Tillpoint application, removing the need to switch between apps and devices. Emails and SMS messages received from suppliers are automatically saved as memos, available to be viewed at any time.

Log All Supplier Communication

Enjoy the benefits of Tillpoint’s communication features and maintain close contact with your suppliers. In order to efficiently manage all communication, you can use the handy memo feature to record method of communication, subject matter, times and dates, and more.

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Intelligent Insights into Your Suppliers

Find Better Suppliers with Reporting

Discover best performing suppliers through detailed reports, which compiles and analyses huge amounts of data, breaking it down into digestible chunks, allowing you to clearly see which of your suppliers are most reliable, have better turnaround time, and sell items at the lowest rates.

Filter and Find Suppliers

Filter your suppliers through a number of different criteria to quickly find a particular supplier. The time-saving management features reduce much of the tedious aspects of business admin, enabling you to focus your concentration on other, more pressing matters.

tillpoint epos report supplier purchase

Key Supplier Features

Tillpoint is flexible and scalable to suit you, whatever your requirements.

Unlimited Suppliers

There is no limit to the number of supplier profiles you may add.

Customisable Print Templates

Design a range of print templates to print, or email, your supplier information.

Comprehensive Search

Easily find any supplier in your list by using the extensive search and filter feature.

Supplier Logo

Upload an image of each supplier’s logo, creating a visually appealing supplier database.

Point of Contact Information

Add the personal details for your point of contact at each supplier, helping to build good working relationships.

Supplier Types

Group and organise suppliers based on their type.

Extensive Data Capturing

The abundance of information fields allows you to save every piece of important data, from tax group to bank account details.

Supplier Credit Limit

Set the amount in which a supplier will let you spend purchasing items on credit alone.

Social Media

Dedicated fields which enable you save the social media profiles for each supplier.

Shipping Options

Set the preferred delivery method, delivery charges, shipping conditions and more, giving you a detailed profile of each supplier.

Promotion Reminders

Remind yourself, and let your staff know, which suppliers are running special offers and promotions.

Supplied Items

Connect items in your inventory to certain suppliers, with the ability to add minimum order quantity information, shipping turnaround, and if they are the preferred supplier.

Custom Fields

Create a variety of custom fields to expand your data capturing capabilities.

Purchase History

View the entire purchase history of any selected supplier at the touch of a button.

Supplier Memos

Create thorough memos in order to document supplier communication and activity.

Account Activity

All purchase activity for each supplier will be logged, available for you to view at any time.

Intelligent Reporting

Tillpoint collects and compiles the purchase history of every supplier, providing you with easy-to-understand graphs on their efficiency and performance.

In-App Contact

Send emails and SMS messages to your suppliers directly from the Tillpoint app.

Supplier Timeline

View, in chronological order, all changes made to each supplier profile.

Interconnected Purchasing

Connect suppliers to purchase orders and maintain an accurate record of procured items.

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All Supplier Features

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Unlimited Supplier Profiles

Comprehensive Data Capture

Add Supplier Logos

Point of Contact Information

Supplier Types

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GLN Field

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Store Supplier Client Account Number

Set Tax Groups

Supplier Groups

Set Credit Limits

Add Banking Details

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Save Promotion Reminders

Add Supplier Notes

Connect Items to Suppliers

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Set Minimum Order Quantities

Change Item Tax Amounts

Custom Fields

Customisable Print Templates

Supplier Timeline Data

Extensive Search & Filter

Intuitive Usage

Dedicated Purchase History Button

Create Detailed Supplier Memos

Supplier Account Activity

Intelligent Supplier Reporting

In-App Emailing

Send SMS Messages

Extremely Customisable

Interconnected Design

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