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Cash Denominations

Cash Denominations

This page will guide you on creating cash denominations, which will then be displayed as selectable buttons in the POS and Cash Management modules.

Get to the page below via Homepage > Settings > Accounting > Currencies

Cash Denominations

Add a Denomination

Tap the ‘Add Cash Denomination’ button, highlighted in the image below.

You may then use the text box to enter in a cash denomination amount (e.g. £0.01, £0.05, £0.10...).

The primary currency symbol will be shown next to each cash denomination. For currency information, see here.

Cash Denominations Cash Denominations

Denomination Buttons in POS

After denomination buttons have been created, they will appear in the POS module, when taking payment for items sold.

Cash DenominationsTint Cash DenominationsCash Denominations

Denomination Buttons in Cash Manager

After creating denomination buttons, they will also appear in the Cash Manager module, when adjusting till and float balances.

Tap on the Calculator Icon to add further specificity regarding cash amounts.

Cash DenominationsTint Cash DenominationsCash Denominations

Here you may enter coin and note denominations contained within the till.

Only currencies with denominations may use the calculator icon feature. To add denominations to secondary currencies, see here.

Cash DenominationsTint Cash DenominationsTint Cash Denominations

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