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New Customer (Basic)

New Customer (Basic)

A customer is a person or business who purchases goods or services from you. After adding a business to your customer list they will be visible in the main customers page, from where you can also edit and delete customers. Once a customer has been added, their name can be selected, at point of sale, to be sold to.

Once inside the Customers moduel, tap the ‘New Customer’ button located on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Basic Customer Info (Business)Basic Customer Info (Business)

Tap on ‘Business‘ to add a company or organisation.

Add New Customer (Customers)TintAdd New Customer (Customers)Basic Customer Info (Business)

The basic layout only asks for a name, email and phone number. For further options, tap the ‘Advanced Info’ button.

Basic Customer Info (Business)TintAdd New Customer (Customers)Add New Customer (Customers)

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