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Here you can add the amount of commission staff members receive for selling this product. This information is stored and can be viewed in inventory.

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Home Screen > Inventory > New Item > Product > Advanced Info

Tillpoint InventoryTint Commission (Product)

Tap ‘New Staff Commission’ and a new window will pop-up.

Tillpoint InventoryTint Commission (Product)Commission (Product)

Here you can select the employee, the percentage of commission and if this commission should auto apply each time.

If the auto apply feature is turned off, you must activate the commission in the POS module by tapping the product after adding it to the basket.

Tillpoint InventoryTint Commission (Product)Tint Commission (Product)

Tap the exchange icon to select whether the commission be paid by a percentage of the item or by a fixed monetary amount.

Tillpoint InventoryTint Commission (Product)Tint Commission (Product)TintCommission (Product)Commission (Product)

Adding Commission in POS

After connecting commission to a staff member(s), and after adding that particular item to the basket in the POS page, you may tap this button which will allow you to select the staff member(s) able to receive commission for the sale of this item.

Staff members can only be selected here after they have been added to the commission page of this particular item. For a guide on adding staff commission, see here.

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