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Main Rules

Main Rules

Here you may add the main rules for the target campaign.

The progress of all targets, both value and item, can be tracked via the Promotions module.

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Target Type

Select whether the target is Value or Item based. The layout of the page will change depending which is chosen.

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A value target refers to a monetary amount which the staff member(s) must bring in via the sale of goods or services (e.g. £1000 in 30 days).

Use the Value Target field to set an amount.

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An item target refers to an amount of items or services this employee must sell / provide in a chosen timeframe.

Tap on Add Item Target to add inventory items to the target.

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Use the Item Name field to select one of your inventory items, followed by using the Target Qty field to enter the amount in which the staff member(s) must sell.

You may add as many items as you wish.

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Delete an Item Target

Select the item you wish to delete and then, using your thumb or finger, swipe to the left, revealing two icons.

Tap the Orange Pencil Icon to edit or the Red Bin Icon to delete.

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