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New Branch

New Branch

A branch refers to a location, other than the main office, where business is conducted. You may add multiple branches to a single Tillpoint account in order to control a number of stores or outlets.

Get to the page below via Homepage > Settings > Tillpoint Account > Branches.

You may only add branches if you are on the Multi-Store subscription plan.

New Branch

Tap on the New Branch button.

New BranchNew Branch

A window will pop-up, detailing the options for creating your new branch.

New BranchTint New Branch

Branch Name

Use this field to enter the name of the new branch.

Once created, the name of the branch cannot be changed as it appears in this list.

New BranchTint New BranchNew Branch

Use Customer Pool

Select whether or not customers are shared between branches (i.e. Should customers from the main branch also appear in the newly created branch, and vice versa.).

New BranchTint New BranchNew Branch

List of Branches

After you save the new branch (e.g. Second Branch), it will appear in your list of branches, as shown in the image below.

To login to your newly created branch, see here.

New BranchNew Branch

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