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Reservation Info

Reservation Info

This page allows you to add information regarding a new table reservation.

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Party Size

Choose the number of people who will be dining on this reservation.

The system will check the availability of tables in Table Manager, informing you whether or not have sufficient table space for this number of people.

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Reservation Date & Time

Use these options to set the time and date of the reservation. This information can be edited afterwards by staff members with sufficient access.

Reservation times are shown based on the Availability and Reservation Intervals set in settings.

You may force a reservation for a certain time if you wish to book a table between the set intervals (e.g. If reservation intervals are set for every 30 minutes, such as 5pm, 5.30pm, and so on, and you want to reserve a table for 5.15pm).

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Table Number

Tapping this button will launch the table manager which displays your table map(s), enabling you to select the table for this reservation.

Multiple tables may be selected for a single reservation, this might be necessary to accommodate larger party sizes.

Add, edit and delete table maps via Settings > Table Manager > Table Map

Reservation InfoTintReservation InfoReservation Info

Customer Select

Tapping this button will launch a window displaying your list of saved customers, allowing you to connect a customer to this reservation.

You may also add a new customer from here, or quickly find a specific customer by using the search function or scanning a barcode connected to their Customer Card Number.

Reservation InfoTintReservation InfoReservation Info

Manual Customer Information

These fields should be used to enter customer information regarding the table reservation.

This information will be saved and can be edited here in the Table Reservations module, however the customer’s information will not be saved to your list of customers.

Reservation InfoTintReservation InfoReservation Info

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