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This section deals with all things regarding payroll. Here you may set how this employee is to be paid, the frequency at which they are paid, and the type of repayment set for their student loan.

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Include in Payroll

Tap ‘Yes’ to include the employee in payroll. This will register them as a paid employee of the company, adding them to the payroll list. If for any reason you wish to remove this employee from payroll, tap ‘No’ (e.g. For an unpaid internship). 

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Payment Type and Payment Frequency

Select the type of payment from a preset list (e.g. BACS, Direct Debit, etc...), followed by selecting the frequency of that payment (e.g. Monthly).

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Tax Code

Use this field to enter in the tax code for this employee (e.g. 1100L). The numbers and letters in your tax code are dependent on income and situation. For an in-depth guide to tax codes, see here.

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Student Loan

Select, if applicable, the loan repayment plan for this staff member.

Plan 1 is for English and Welsh students who started their course before the 1st September 2012.

Plan 2 is for English and Welsh students who started their course on or after the 1st September 2012.

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