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Staff Target

Staff Target

A target, in its most basic form, is a goal set for an employee or department measured in revenue or units sold over a specific time period (e.g. 50 units in one month).

Here you may set specific targets, consisting in either item or monetary amounts, for individual or groups of employees. They can be amended at any time by a manager and the progress of each target campaign can be viewed in the Reports module by those with sufficient access.

To begin creating and viewing staff targets, tap the Staff Target button as highlighted below.


A window will pop-up displaying a list of all previously created targets.

TargetTint TargetTarget

To create a new target, tap on the New Staff Target button.

TargetTint TargetTarget

This window will allow you to input the staff target details of your campaign.

TargetTint TargetTint Target

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