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Staff Target Details

Staff Target Details

Here you may input the very basic details of the target campaign.

TargetTint TargetTint Target

Campaign Name

Use this field to input a name for the target campaign (e.g. Monthly Sales Target).

TargetTint TargetTint TargetTarget

Active Status

Choose whether or not the targets for this campaign are active. If No is selected the target campaign will not be in use and data will not be collected regarding target earnings.

TargetTint TargetTint TargetTarget

Start Date & Duration

Use these fields to select the start date of the campaign, along with the duration in which the campaign will last (e.g. To start on 01/01/2017 and last for one month.

TargetTint TargetTint TargetTarget

Duration Cycle

Continuous: The campaign will automatically reset itself, essentially creating a new campaign with the same targets, after the duration chosen is over, as opposed to becoming inactive.

One Cycle: The campaign will become inactive after its selected duration is over.

TargetTint TargetTint TargetTarget

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