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This section enables you to alter the tax details for the entire invoice.

For a guide on overriding or removing the tax of a single item(s) within the basket, see here.

Get to the page below via Home Page > POS

Add Tax (POS)

After selecting items for purchase, tap ‘Pay’.

Add Tax (POS)Add Tax (POS)

You will be presented with several payment options. Tap ‘Add Tax’.

Add Tax (POS)Add Tax (POS)

A pop-up window will appear where you can select which taxes apply and, if necessary, input override values.

Add, edit and delete taxes via Home Page > AccountingTax Settings

Add Tax (POS)Tint Add Tax (POS)

Tax Select

Select which taxes apply to this item. The green check mark indicates the tax is applied, whereas the orange cross indicates the tax is not applied.

Add Tax (POS)Tint Add Tax (POS)Add Tax (POS)

Override Value

Tap the field and enter, using the numeric keypad, an override value for the tax.

Add Tax (POS)Tint Add Tax (POS)Add Tax (POS)

Override Method

Tap to change whether the override value is determined by percentage or currency.

Add Tax (POS)Tint Add Tax (POS)Tint Add Tax (POS)Add Tax (POS)

The new tax amounts will be shown in the receipt (e.g. With a 0% override).

Add Tax (POS)Add Tax (POS)

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