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Time Off

Time Off

Select the day(s) for which employee you wish to give time off.

Time OffTint Time Off

Tap Time Off.

Time OffTint Time OffTime Off

A pop-up window will appear, enabling you to input the details of the time off, for example, the reason - which can be added to in settings, evidence provided, and if the person needs the whole day or specific time off during their shift.

Time OffTint Time OffTint Time Off

Paid Time Off

Select whether or not this staff member will be paid while they are off. If Yes is selected, two fields will appear. Input the amount of hours they will be paid for and the staff member’s hourly rate.

The staff member’s Hourly Rate will be automatically calculated based on the amount added to their profile. Find this via:
Staff > Staff List > New/Edit Staff > Advanced Info > Job Status > Staff Roles

Time OffTint Time OffTint Time OffTime Off

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