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This feature allows customers to leave a tip.

Tips will be sent to the staff member’s account, and will be included alongside commission when receiving their salary.

Get to the page below via Home Page > POS

Add Tip (POS)

After selecting items for purchase, tap ‘Pay’.

Add Tip (POS)Add Tip (POS)

You will be presented with several payment options. Tap ‘Tip’.

Add Tip (POS)Add Tip (POS)

A pop-up window will appear where you can input the tip amount.

Add Tip (POS)Tint Add Tip (POS)

Tip Percentage Buttons

The buttons at the top are for convenience, enabling you to quickly select a percentage amount.

The percentage amount that appears on each button can be changed via
Home Page > Settings > POS > Tip > Tip Percentage

Add Tip (POS)Tint Add Tip (POS)Add Tip (POS)

Tip Amount

Tap this field, and using the numeric keypad, input a percentage of the total amount (e.g. 5%). Displayed in brackets next to the percentage is the monetary amount of the tip.

Add Tip (POS)Tint Add Tip (POS)Add Tip (POS)

Toggle between percentage and currency by tapping this button.

Add Tip (POS)Tint Add Tip (POS)Add Tip (POS)

Delete Tip

After adding the tip it will be displayed in the receipt.

Add Tip (POS)Add Tip (POS)

To delete the tip, tap it, followed by tapping the red bin icon that is consequently revealed on the right-hand side.

Attempting to add another tip will override the current one.

Add Tip (POS)Add Tip (POS)

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