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Contact a Customer

Contacting a Customer

Use this function to contact an existing customer via Email or SMS.

All contact between you and your customer will be saved in the Memos page.

Select from the left-hand side, which individual or business you wish to contact.

View Memos and CommunicationsView Memos and Communications

On the bottom right-hand side, tap ‘Contact’.

Contact a CustomerContact a Customer

You will now be presented with two methods of contacting your customer. Select either an Email or SMS to be sent directly to your customer.

Email: Tapping this button will launch the new email page from your device‘s Mail app. The email account in which you are signed in with on the Mail app will be shown as the sender. If you are not signed in on the Mail app, the email cannot be sent.

SMS: Providing you have sufficient credit, this will send an SMS message to the recipient from a Tillpoint server.

Contact a CustomerTintContact a Customer

Once you have chosen your method of contact, a pop-up window will appear enabling you to write out your message.

Contact a CustomerTintContact a Customer

If you’re sending an email, you may attach a photo by tapping on the ‘Paper Clip Icon’.

Contact a CustomerTintContact a CustomerContact a Customer

Tap on the ‘Camera Icon’ to take a photo, or alternatively, tap the ‘Image Album Icon’ to upload an image already saved on the device.

To delete an attachment, tap the ‘Red Bin Icon

To add another attachment, tap the ‘Blue Plus Icon

Contact a CustomerTintContact a CustomerTintContact a Customer

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