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New Message

New Message

Create and send messages to colleagues using the tillpoint messaging system. Messages will be displayed in the staff page.

Tap ‘Messages’, located in the top right-hand corner, followed by ‘New Message’.

New MessageTint New MessageNew Message

A pop-up window will appear, giving you options regarding the message you wish to send. Choose the subject, priority, if recipients can reply, and when the message should be sent, either immediately or at a designated time.

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Add Staff

Tap ‘Add Staff’.

New MessageTint New MessageNew Message

Choose which staff member(s) you wish to include as a recipient. Use the search bar to easily locate specific staff members!

New MessageTint New MessageTint New Message

To remove a staff member from the list, tap and, using your finger or thumb, slide left. This will reveal a red bin icon; tap to delete.

New MessageTint New MessageNew Message

Once you’ve written your message, set the options, and selected who to send it to, tap the check mark to send your message.

New MessageTint New MessageNew Message

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