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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

A gift card (also known as a gift certificate / voucher) is a prepaid stored-value money card typically issued by a retailer to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases.

For a comprehensive guide on creating, editing and deleting gift cards, see here

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Set the parameters in combination with using the search bar to quickly find a specific gift card.

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The filter icons allow you to choose which information is immediately shown. Tap the icons to change the page to your liking.

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Tap the sort icon to sort the list of gift cards in a number of ways, including ascending and descending order.

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Cancelling a Gift Card

Select which gift card you wish to cancel, followed by tapping ‘Cancel Gift Card’. This will remove the gift card from the customer’s account and cancel its remaining balance. You may choose whether or not your business refunds this balance, which can be selected in settings.

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Tap the send button to send the gift card, as an image file alongside the gift card’s details, to an email address.

Tapping this button will launch the new email page from your device‘s Mail app. The email account in which you are signed in with on the Mail app will be shown as the sender. If you are not signed in on the Mail app, the email cannot be sent.

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Gift Card Text

Tap ‘Gift Card Text

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A pop-up window will appear, enabling you to input a personal message for the person to whom you are sending the gift card.

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