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Download Tillpoint

How to Download Tillpoint

Method A

1 Unlock your iPad or iPhone, locate the App Store icon and tap on it.

As of now, the iPhone version of Tillpoint can only be used to check Reports.

finger tapping on app store icon on ipad

2 Once the App Store is open, type the word ‘tillpoint’ into the search bar, as highlighted below, followed by tapping on the blue Search button.

how to download tillpointhow to download tillpoint

3 Tap on the Get button, as highlighted below, prompting your iPad or iPhone to begin downloading Tillpoint.

how to download tillpointhow to download tillpoint

3 Once the app has finished downloading, you will be able to open Tillpoint, either by tapping the Open button or by closing the App Store and finding it in your iPad apps, and login using the details which were sent to you after signing up.

If you have not yet signed up, you can do so either on the app, or via the website.

how to download tillpointhow to download tillpoint

Method B

If you are viewing this from your iPad or iPhone, tap the image below and you will be taken to the Tillpoint page in the App Store, where you can directly download the app in the same way as above.

This method will only work if you are viewing this page on your iPad or iPhone.

how to download tillpoint

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