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Table Settings

Table Settings

This page allows you to view and create detailed table maps of your restaurant, shown as a diagram in bird’s eye view, displaying precisely where all furnishing, including tables and chairs, is located.

Multiple table maps can be created and saved to the system; maps can be created for each floor of your hospitality business, and can be modified at any time to accommodate a special gathering or event.

After a table map has been created, it can be ordered to directly from the POS, or accessed via the Table Manager module.

Get to the page below via Homepage > Settings > Table Map > General

Table Settings

Tap on ‘New Table Map’.

Table SettingsTable Settings

New Table Map

The page shown below will appear, enabling you to create a customised table map.

Table SettingsTint Table Settings

Map Info

Tapping ‘Map Info’ will cause a small pop-up window to appear. Here you can enter a name for the map (e.g. Main Floor), the active status of the map (which will determine whether or not it appears in the table manager page), and enter a note should you wish to add any further information.

Table SettingsTint Table SettingsTable SettingsTable Settings


This button allow you to add a number of tables to your map.

Table SettingsTint Table SettingsTable SettingsTable Settings

Once a table has been added, tap on it to edit its settings. This will launch a small, movable pop-up window on the left-hand side of the screen.

Table Settings

Table Number

The table number will automatically be assigned based on the order in which they are added to the map. You can use this field to override the generated number, using both numbers and letters.

Table SettingsTable Settings

Number of Seats

This number will be, by default, the amount seen in the image. You may, however, change the number of seats using this field.

Table SettingsTable Settings

Size, Position, and Angle

Use these buttons to change the appearance of the table, making it bigger and smaller, changing its position on the map, and changing the angle in which it is shown.

Tables and other furnishing added to the map can be manipulated without using these buttons. Move them via drag and drop, have their size changed by using your fingers to pinch or spread out over the item, and have its angle changed by tapping with two fingers and twisting.

Table SettingsTable Settings


Bring to Front will position the table in front of anything which might overlap it; move to front layer.

Back to Original will position the table behind everything, allowing it to be overlapped; move to back layer.

Table SettingsTable Settings


Tapping this button will duplicate any table or piece of furniture, with identical adjustments that were made to the original (e.g. Size, Angle, Number of Seats, etc.).

Table SettingsTable Settings


These buttons allow you to add a variety of furnishing to your map, including tables, chairs, and staircases.

Table SettingsTint Table SettingsTable Settings

Room Shape

This button allows you to choose, from a number of preset options, the shape of the room.

If your restaurant or hospitality setting has a unique shape not covered by the preset options, you may create a custom one by using the line buttons.

Table SettingsTint Table SettingsTable SettingsTable Settings

Line Buttons

These buttons allow you to draw straight or freestyle lines in varying thickness.

An identical ‘Options’ pop-up window will appear when any of these are selected, including the eraser tool. Tapping on the ‘Clear Background’ button within this pop-up will remove everything added via these options.

Table SettingsTint Table SettingsTable Settings

Eraser Tool

Use this feature to erase lines, or to modify a room shape. The eraser tool does not work on furnishing images placed within the map.

Table SettingsTint Table SettingsTable Settings

Edit and Delete Maps

After a map has been saved it will be shown in settings, under Table Maps.

Table Settings

Tap on any map and, using your finger or thumb, swipe to the left, revealing two icons.

Tap the Orange Pencil Icon to edit, or the Red Bin Icon to delete.

Table SettingsTable Settings

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