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Get Started: Part 1

Get Started: Part 1

This guide will get you up and running in no time at all and is designed to give you a good understanding of how Tillpoint works, guiding you through some of the more commonly used apps.

The Get Started Guide is divided into five parts which cover: Inventory, POS, Suppliers, Purchases, Customers, Invoices, Staff, and Settings.

Your newly downloaded application will look slightly different to the one in the image below and will display the apps relevant to the business type selected upon sign up.

You may enable/disable apps, change the layout of the homepage and customise it to your needs via Settings > General > Homepage

After logging into the app the default admin passcode is 0000.

Get Started Part 1


We’re going to start with the Inventory app, learning how to create a category, add an item to that category, and how that item can then be sold.

This section will briefly cover how the POS, Invoices, and Product Catalogue / Digital Menu apps work in relation to the Inventory.

Begin by tapping on the Back Office, followed by tapping on the Inventory app.

Inventory OverviewInventory OverviewInventory OverviewInventory Overview

As your account is new, the Inventory app will be filled with preset data depending on which business type was selected upon signing up. If you clear this preset data (which can be done via the Clear Data button on the homepage), you must create a category before you can add items.

Items cannot be added to the inventory without a category in which to put them.

To create a new category, tap New Category.

Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

The bare minimum of information required to create a category is a name; everything else such as availability, tax, and sub categories can be added in the Advanced Info section.

Get Started Part 1Tint Get Started Part 1

All categories appear on the left hand-side of the Inventory.

Inventory OverviewInventory Overview

In order to edit or delete a category, select it and, using your thumb or finger, swipe to the left. This will reveal two icons.

Tap the Red Bin Icon to delete, or the Orange Pencil Icon to edit.

The method of swiping left to edit or delete is universal throughout the application (e.g. To edit and delete Customers, Staff, in Settings, etc.).

Inventory OverviewGet Started Part 1

Tap the burger icon to show category options, enabling you to edit and delete categories, rearrange the order that they appear in, view category information, and recover deleted categories.

Inventory OverviewInventory OverviewInventory Overview

To add an item, tap on New Item, as highlighted below.

Inventory OverviewInventory Overview

There are three types of items you can add: Product, Matrix, Package, and Service. In the case of this guide, we’ll be adding a Product.

Tap on Product.

Get Started Part 1Tint Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

This will open the Basic Info window for adding a new product.

Fill out the fields, along with choosing which category you want the item to be saved to, and tap the Check Icon to save the information and close the window.

Get Started Part 1Tint Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

The product has now been added to your inventory.

If you have a CSV file you can upload all of your items at once using the CSV upload method.

Get Started Part 1

Point of Sale

After an item has been added to the inventory it can then be sold in the POS.

Go to the homepage and tap on Point of Sale.

Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

Categories appear near the top of the POS page, as highlighted.

You can group categories using the parent categories (Located towards the top left of the POS - All, Food, Drinks, Desserts) - which themselves are customisable.  

When a category is selected, all items contained within that category will be displayed on the right-hand side.

Tapping on an item will add it to the basket.

Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

Below shows the POS in basic mode; the point of sale is easily customisable and you are able to add and remove features to meet your needs via Settings > POS > POS ButtonsGet Started Part 1

Should you wish to see all payment options, tap the blue PAY button. This will reveal all methods of payment on the right-hand side of the screen.

You can create, edit and remove payment types by going to Settings > Accounting > Payment Methods

Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

Tip: Quick Service Feature
In order to take payment via cash and complete the transaction instantly, tap the Quick Cash or Quick Card button.

Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1


Now that you have an item, you will be able to create an invoice directly from the Invoices app.

This app performs exactly the same functions as the POS. It is completely down to personal choice how you complete your business transactions, whether you prefer this list view of an invoice or the look and feel of a point of sale.

Go to the homepage and tap on Invoices.

Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

To create an invoice, tap New Invoice.

Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

Tap on the Item Name field and a pop-up window will appear. Select the group, followed by tapping on the item which is contained within that group. This will add the item to the invoice.

Get Started Part 1Tint Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

In order to take payment and complete the transaction, tap the blue PAY button.

To hold an invoice without taking payment, tap the Yellow Pause Button. This will add the invoice to your list of invoices, available to edit or complete at any time. Once an invoice has been completed, it cannot be edited, only voided.

The Invoices, Quotations and Reservations apps are very similar in design and functionality. Try and create a quote or reservation for your newly created product!

Get Started Part 1Tint Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1Get Started Part 1

Menu / Product Catalogue

All items which have been added to your inventory can be viewed in the Digital Menu (hospitality) or Product Catalogue (retail).

The purpose of the Digital Menu / Product Catalogue is to showcase your items only; nothing can be added, edited or deleted using this page.

Get Started Part 1

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