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Log into Different Branches

Log into Different Branches

Logging in and out of multiple branches allows you to quickly manage a variety of stores and outlets through one device.

Get to the page below via Homepage > Settings > Tillpoint Account > Branches

In order to login to another branch, you must first create it. Learn how to do this here.

Log into Different Branches

Log Out

Log out of the branch you are currently logged in to by tapping the button, as highlighted below.

Log into Different BranchesLog into Different Branches


Use your Email, Password and Authentication Code to login - the same details you use to log into your main branch.

When you have multiple branches, you will be prompted to choose which branch you would like to be logged into, as shown in the image below. Select whichever branch you wish to login to.

Log into Different BranchesTint Log into Different Branches

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